New review: Tula Tokarev 28.06.2017

Once on “Ren-TV” I was hooked for the series — or rather, for his opening credits. As soon as I saw the title “the book of Andrei Konstantinov“, I immediately changed the channel. The fact that at the time felt the burning desire to take a chance to read the book and then see the show. Because there is no greater pleasure than watching the film adaptation angrily mutter “another one of those fucking movie people ruined everything!”. By the way, for the same reason I don’t watch old movies bond to Ian Fleming’s books, just haven’t reached.

The book “Tula-Tokarev” is definitely worthy of a place in the Golden Fund of world literature. In my life I have read countless artistic literary opus. So, “Tula-Tokarev” is a list of those rare books that made me a not negative, not neutral, and positive impression. Along with the masterpieces of “the Mexican” (Jack London), “Billy the boxer” (Edgar Burroughs), “Skinheads” (John king) and “Bricks” (Daniyar of Sugraone).

First, the plot is absolutely original. Despite the fact that the theme of confrontation between the criminal and the COP in the literature was by 2005 (the first edition) is wiped off to the holes, Konstantinov managed to create a canvas that we could not meet in any other product maskota. Second, great characters. Each character is either charismatic (Tula, Tokarev), or wise (father Tokarev), or mysterious (Warsaw, Chess) or funny (the minor cops and blatari). And their interaction deserves a separate praise: every dialogue — the exchange of jokes or barbs. Thirdly, perfect the atmosphere of Vasilievsky island in Leningrad 70-80. fourth, Konstantinov has not made a factual error in the field blacharski subculture, for that special respect.

Oddly enough, the filmmakers not only that, not fuck up the book, so even retouched its contents. Most of the already perfect characters remained intact, but some of the characters and the writers did it. For Example, She Asks. In the book, she was just a slutty social climber, and in the series she appeared before the audience an unscrupulous media manipulator, ready to go into the Inferno for the sake of professional success. Also pleased with comoditatea of krusevica perfume shop. But the most important object retouching — Player. Book the Chess player was a such humanized Ghost — it as it is, but what it is is unknown and seems to not even matter. Movie the Chess player has not only the appearance, but also the history, attitude and strong charisma. Sometimes watching the next series and wonder how such Nesmachny tipoca can so skillfully to crank out something or other?

Total. I’ve never met an optimal adaptation of the books or at least comic. And maybe have met, but forgotten. The series “Tula-Tokarev” will remain in the memory forever. He is worthy of the annual peresmatrivat.

9 out of 10

New review: Tula Tokarev 28.06.2017

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