New review: Turksib 29.06.2017

Included in various lists of the best documentaries in the history of “Turksib”, aka “the Steel way” Viktor Turin looks latest in a series of Soviet avant-garde cinema, though, in my opinion, quite moderate in its aesthetics. It’s not just the formal delights, because “cameramen” in some scenes, quite in the spirit of Vertov and To give elements of the unexpected angles, the sudden plans and other experimental beauty. Rather, this film is already actuated at a certain current Canon “Was — Is — Will” and not look like a completely innovative.

What happened? Sands and steppes of Central Asia, its really buying at the mercy of nature and minimal due to the geographical reasons for the agricultural culture from which however and lurking in all these yurtas and clothes even earlier encampments. That is, the cultural layer is very thin, it is a topos of survival and the struggle for basic civil, but the biological law.

What is? And there is a new government that decides to change the destiny of the region and pave the communication of a new type. Its agents are not even human characters, but the mechanisms themselves. The industrialization of the whole country not a whim but a ticket to a brighter life. In the background is almost flat, horizontal “busobject” space Smoking locomotives and monstrous Semikopenko look like aliens of the new world. Even an airplane instead of a bird of prey in the sky and a car instead of a cool camel look ultrapatriotism. However, the replacement of human character mechanism is not the opening of this film. This technique works because of the context of exotic topos. And all the more valuable seems the material that shows the sincere reaction of the local inhabitants on steel, iron and cast iron aliens from the North, which seems to be drawn specifically for filming. There is no retrospection and nostalgia. A famous episode with jumps for horses, camels and oxen for a locomotive, coming to the finish line first by a wide margin, it is tempting to associate with the notorious competition of colt and trains from Yesenin’s “the Prayers”, but there it was.

Oddly enough, what the main idea of the film is the unification redrawn in a new way, and permeated by a network various communications Soviet space, but the film still retains a tinge of the colonial style. Central Asia in this region with no history, virtually pristine and untouched by anyone. Therefore, his first singer from the avant-garde and technologically, it is the camera.

Therefore, the third segment “Will be” merged with the second. The construction of the Turksib is both the present and the future. In fact, it is the start time. The film clearly cosmogonical, the chaos of nature it certainly avoidable, and the ward culture as it will neumanni, translating tradition into law, and tradition in the narrative.

8 out of 10

New review: Turksib 29.06.2017

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