New review: Twilight. Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 17.06.2017

About all part of the Saga immediately. In the book, more detailed all the characters and history. But the film is gorgeous with its atmospheric music, nature, paint!..

Liked the first and second parts and the books and the film. One feels that the author Meyer felt these are the stories behind it all. I suspect she was experiencing all these emotions in your personal life. Twilight and new Moon not so much about vampires or werewolves, how about spiritual experiences Bella: first love, separation… But the Eclipse and the Dawn — this is pure fantasy.

The characters, not the actors and their game, and the characters. No one’s saying it’s high literature. But the book’s success lay in the fact that Meyer, though, and wrote about vampires, created situations and images are very close to reality, placing them in ordinary life. Readers were so fascinated by the history, as there is a feeling that all this happens near — real city of forks, the tribes of Veletov, school, amazing nature. And vampires are like regular people who just happened to be a little different.

And from this point of view is very much not up the main character — Edward. In addition to an attractive appearance, it has no merit. How to live a hundred years and all these years really nothing to do? If he’s so well read and smart as the author insists, why did he not come up with any useful lessons? In addition, he experienced the loneliness and boredom, and also played the piano, there are generally no distinct traits like no philosophical beliefs, no references about softness or firmness of character, well, there is impudence or boasting, or something else. That is, I have a strong feeling that it is pretty simple and even-minded fellow. The main character terribly attracted to him due to the fact that she’s only 18 and she’s still not very wise, and it will be a little disappointed in him? or due to the fact that it is in principle no matter what kind of person he is, but his incredibly beautiful body?

Meyer said that the way Edward she combined the male imagery of romantic literature — Darcy from “Pride and prejudice”, Rochester from “Jane Eyre”, Romeo, someone else. But almost all of the above characters, of which Meyer draws inspiration — at least for a little bit, but more distinct characters: Darcy was fair and decent, Rochester soulful and insightful. Jane Austen and C. Bronte also wrote a purely female positions and represented the embodiment of female dreams in these men’s images, but they were much more vivid in itself, than the image of Edward, who, feeling no qualities or ambitions or activities, but to play a role in private life Bella.

The other male characters of the Twilight Saga and the much more independent and live by themselves. The same Jake — a man with a distinct character (kindness, reliability, positivity) and classes. Apart from the talent to repair vehicles shown the meaning of his existence as a werewolf to protect society from the bloodsuckers. Despite the younger in comparison with Edward’s age, and Jake decided on the purpose and direction in their lives.

Better of all is the character of Carlisle. Of all the characters in the Saga, he seems to be above all on the head — the mind, the generosity, the subtleties of the character. Start with the fact that he was a priest, that in itself is the highest position in society — at least for Mormon Meyer: for him to bring benefit to society was and is above personal desires, that’s why he decided not to drink the blood of humans, therefore, sought and found a way to help people in his new vampiric state.

And despite some attempt at moralizing and all links to high Mormon ethics in bewilderment causes the meaning of the work, namely, for the main character — the life of a vampire more attractive life in the human body. How can this be? It is obvious that being a vampire is a lower form of life than human. The physical strength of the vampire is bought predetermination to kill, that is a literally demonic life form. A vampire compared to a human, much less likely to develop. Mouth Rosalie was said that a vampire doomed to a long existence is futile, without the possibility of change, that is, clearly States that this is a kind of hell in which the soul can get stuck. In this hell is not glavnogo — development. At least, for the development shansov less than human. Uncontrollable thirst for blood as a sign of stronger animal instincts than the man, again. That is, like Carlyle, to overcome the limits of the vampire sushestvovaniya, but this should really be Carlisle, but for the simple souls to become a vampire fatal.

In this regard, Jake is clearly a more positive character than Audard, although b because he did not kill people that he’s not a vampire, he’s incredibly kind and warmhearted, reliable and understandable, in contrast to these doubts and mood swings Edward, who is madly in love with Bella, breaks up with her for six months, then he hates it’s Renesmee as a fetus in Bella’s body, already loves her like his own child. In short, Edward neither in the movie nor in the book are not at all admirable. He’s probably closer to the hero Pechorin, that Lee, with his pessimism, defeatism, inconstancy and disappointment.

As mentioned, T. Lautner has done a fine job with his role very seriously walked over to her.

In short, it is really a Saga about the love is blind and irrational strong feeling, which owns the main character, and that it is true despite the obvious shortcomings of their beloved. A certain Margaret, who loves his Master, despite his weakness. Suffering, experiencing, fully absorbed. And we can’t help but empathize with her so strongly illustrates these emotions. It is interesting that Bella’s love for Edward is more animal, more zavyazanymi on the physical attributes than the love of Edward for Bella, who has not ceased to love her even after losing her human body with his scent and blood, which he was so attracted. We find out at Dawn that he attached it to her as a person, no matter what body she was human or vampire. Then as for Bella, judging by their wedding night after her treatment, the body of Edward remained the main attribute of attraction. That is the love of Ewdard was more serious and conscious, probably because of his age.

The film has created a very beautiful world of scenery, adventure, music.

8 out of 10

New review: Twilight. Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 17.06.2017

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