New review: twin Peaks 01.10.2017

Fans of “twin peaks” in the majority have long looked at the 3rd season, released a quarter-century after the first two. Who has not seen, that does not prevent mentally prepare. Yes, the characters are (partially) the same, aged 25 years, the plot is directly linked to the events of the first seasons, but that’s another thing. And to admit, to understand it is very difficult. To be honest, 30 percent of what is happening on the screen, I somehow managed to understand everything else — from the field of unspoken, subconscious, pure Lynch.

If you watched Fantastico-metaphorical film “being John Malkovich”, remember that story it was based on the fact that some people found a loophole how to get into the body and mind of the famous American actor John Malkovich. They start to do business, and in the mind of Malkovich turns out to be a lot of people. Here in the case of the 3rd season of “twin peaks” it turns out that David Lynch himself opened the door in his consciousness, and it is actually difficult, irrational, go figure it… It’s kind of “Alice in Wonderland” for adults…

I have the feeling that 25 years in the town of twin Peaks there were all sorts of events about which the viewer knows nothing, and tell him as if he knew about this, very much simply have to guess. But anyway the story firmly rests on the Foundation of the first two seasons and free-standing film, so not knowing (or remembering them bad), understand nothing happens. Even one of the characters, Gordon Cole, say: “Hate to say this but I do not understand what is happening.” So Lynch is laughing at the viewer. Tell me what you understand of the 3rd season of “twin peaks,” and I will tell you that you are a liar. And many, many references to the cinema, I suppose that even well-versed in the movie people will miss the greater part of the allusions.

And I honestly say: watch until the end not everyone can, it’s a real sur and phantasmagoria, is a mockery of common sense, it’s infinitely lengthy scene (for which the viewers are able to forget the janitor, five minutes of screen time sweeping the Playground? but masterly sweeps, not to break away), a flying head and open face, it’s crazy. But hell, how beautiful it is, how magical. This Linchevsky magic that makes people sit 18 hours in front of computer monitors to little to understand, but admire. Believe me, I hate snobs who gasp with delight when faced with something clever, but you look at audience rating: 8,288. Many movies (especially Arthouse) can boast of?

Oh, and miracle of miracles — magic music Angelo Badalamenti — will continue to decorate each series. But there will be many other kinds of music — at the end of almost all episodes, Lynch will represent a particular musical group.

If you haven’t seen the first two seasons of “twin peaks”, definitely look. You will plunge into amazing world. And if you feel its beauty and magic, and the third season will surely be pleased. If eighth wonder of the world could be called a work of cinema, it would be a “twin Peaks”…

PS. And Yes, I must say, very touched, as the characters of “twin peaks” took leave of the lady with the log. Obviously, this is good-bye not only to the heroine, but primarily played her, actress Catherine E. Coulson, who died during filming.

New review: twin Peaks 01.10.2017

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