New review: twin Peaks 24.06.2017

tomorrow I will find out.

Remember how in the evening, in the fall of 1993, I went into the room to watch some regular detective with a common name, denoting, I thought, the name of a detective, the name and surname. It all started simply, with the discovery of the body of the girl, played out the emotions, but I can’t remember what it was I saw that day, how it was treated. Just as in any detective felt the intrigue, the voltage induced plot guesses. Yes, I remember, I think the viewing of shooting Laura with Donna and motorcycle reflected’t remember what. All of this gradually, as in any other detective, delayed, demanded answers, and already I’m ready to learn how to understand that the continuation will be tomorrow. Then I thought that tomorrow I will find out. Well, I think, two series, too.

But tomorrow is also no answer. But then, I didn’t think that the series will be a lot of serial detective with the atmosphere seemed to be something unnatural. “Simply Maria” and “Santa Barbara” has created a very different impression of the series. In General, it all began with the usual detective interest.

When I saw the dream Cooper, I closed my eyes, and actually didn’t see it, so scared it seemed to look at it, besides, I was a little, I just turned 10 years old, but I heard the story, which further scared me. And although it was not quite the detective line, but in the film, the dream has been given a scientific explanation, and I began to tighten any further.

The second thing that immediately comes to mind — this is the line of Leo-Shelly, very neglecting the element that is associated more with the emotional perception of violence in the family, it was both frightening, forced to experience, and encouraged further.

The third component was a Comedy, then the line of Andy and Lucy, and suddenly “rejuvenated” the one-eyed woman, and into childhood Benn Horne. Like it all just Comedy, but at the same time, it seemed, and has some meaning to resolve the main puzzles of the movie. In addition, all these ideas were then relatively new, nothing like I have not seen anywhere else.

Fourth is the emergence of a magic Giant and his tips, I wasn’t thinking about some illogical and inexplicable that, rather felt an irrational fear of his image, intelligent interest in his words.

There were a few less interesting, more mundane lines, to some extent, they also caused the attention and questions.

Probably only to the middle of the series, I noticed frankly absurd, contrary to logic and the scientific facts of the event. Trying logically to explain, and entangled more and more, I more and more immersed in the atmosphere of this world. So everything is towards the end, was ready even to the showdown with an alien then the world plot. Shocking in its senselessness interchange seemed to have put the most persuasive point.

After many years I’m remembering that sometimes the thought that there really was until I read somewhere that all the puzzles were invented just so unanswered, and some of these answers were given in hindsight, and some came up. And changed their attitude to the film. It turns out we were simply led by the nose, manipulated our thinking… and as a result, have kept the screen.

But it was another time… and I thought, why not. Riddles with answers also keep us from the screen. Pathetic and technologically intense films manipulate our imagination. Why, then, is the only way. In mathematics it is sometimes possible to use a non-existent number. And thus to obtain practical results. Why this can not be with movies?

The fact that the film in addition to the puzzles there’s still the topic of social inside companies running ulcers in the psychological development of the people. And it is perhaps the most important component. In addition, the aesthetics of surrealism, how it was taken, as shown, the types of the characters, especially female characters. And now I can’t believe that I would be imbued with so a show without music. Yes, the puzzles occupied all of my imagination. But everytime, in childhood, when browsing, when I started to hear the initial melody, they sadness was reflected in my mind, every sound reminded them of something tragic (?), music and events are used interchangeably in twin Peaks.

Everything I wrote seemed redundant… but I forgot about Bob. It’s one of my nightmares. When I went to ride the big hill on the high Bank of the channel in Dolgoprudny, which is usually almost empty in those days, when I met Bob as a character, I’m standing at the top, and preparing to go down on the sled, looked to the opposite shore, as if afraid to see his silhouette in the distance is the size of a horizon. All my thoughts were around it. Impressed. I so wanted to slide and we got one there, right after twin peaks.

And here all these ingredients separately is unlikely to be affected. Well, what would be the image of Bob, actor Frank Silva, just by itself? Such typecasting of the sea, they are easy to find on the street, but only put in the right place, it could become a nightmare for many people.

What would the music of Angelo Badalamenti without content, without tragedy, without the image of the girl in the plastic? Just beautiful music.

And the phrase “the Owls are not what they seem” would have been unknown and meaningless if it was said somewhere in other place.

The relationship Shelly and Leo would be just some maybe sad drama…

So twin Peaks is a phenomenon that has made the event a whole Chapter of my personal life, my childhood, despite the fact that there is no logic, it is absurd, and the puzzles in it are not solutions. Do not look for definite answers… in it.

9 out of 10

New review: twin Peaks 24.06.2017

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