New review: Twins of evil 26.07.2017

“Twins of evil” is one of those cult horror films-relics, set in the dungeons of the British Studio ‘Hammer’ that way back in the seventies had the courage to delight the audience with their dramatic and unusual visual solutions, which the modern scary movie is not able a priori, regardless of the desires of the one who would for him have taken. Created nine paintings of Dracula, seven — Frankenstein, Mummy of four, two split Dr. Jeckill and even the one about the Peter G. Rasputin, the British from time to time do not skimp to make your own franchise straight from scratch, not having a already firmly entrenched cinematic Foundation. Be fully hammerovsky series are the “Twins of evil”. Put the tape then just started genre Director John Hough, exactly a year later awakened famous after the resounding success of the Thriller “the Legend of hell house”, which was done just a tremendous job on the part of the production. The focus of the plot — the lone offender — a young but very authoritative count Karstein, who decided to sell Satan his immortal soul in exchange for eternal life and youth, but the results were turned into a monstrous vampire. I have considered tape was the final part of a trilogy about a family of vampires with the last name Kirstein.

Even at the opening credits the Director unfolds before the viewer a palette of dark times of the middle ages, where a brutal religious Inquisition without mercy burning at the stake innocent young girls only for their natural beauty, are always considered to be “democratic” Europe, a symptom of diabolical origin. The flamboyant actor Peter Cushing played the role of a mad priest August Dupin, the leader of a small but extremely angry and authoritative branch of the Inquisition, located in the heart cut off from the civilized world, a tiny medieval County. The influence of this ruthless and violent fanatic and his followers had been almost all huge County in which the simple life of a commoner, not even worth the lives of ordinary livestock. In parallel, the long-suffering ordinary people are regularly attacked by those living nearby, a mighty invulnerable vampire, which is powerless against even a cruel Inquisition. In fact, we have not one, but two main villains who are fanatically opposing each other, leaving huge piles of corpses of innocent victims, with the only difference that the first is doing this for the sake of the Devil, while the second — for the sake of God. And I must say, it is the Cushing’s end up increasingly concentrated in the interest of the audience, ignoring even unspeakably violent bloodsucker of Carstina. If the first film of the trilogy, Peter played a very positive and virtuous fighter against evil, his new hero — full is the opposite of this and it only confirms how versatile and unique this, of course, the great British actor. Vampires, by the way, the picture is even canonical: they are afraid of the cross are not reflected in the mirror, I love carnal pleasures. and die only through decapitation and a stake a stake through the heart.

The film is, without exaggeration, amazes with its visual splendor. As I mentioned earlier, Director John hafa is simply unmatched. We do not only spoil a great Gothic shots of panoramas and picturesque natural scenery, but also as narrative skillfully immersed in an eerie, oppressive atmosphere of the brutal middle ages. The operator tapes the fee is not just a job, but I would say, overdone. Literally every frame is implored in a carved frame of mahogany. A lot of angles and mounting solutions years later unsuccessfully uses the nimble Jew Sam Raimi in his legendary trilogy “the evil dead”. But besides visual beauty, “Twins of evil” manages to do what the viewer actually watches the movies of this genre — they manage to scare. Scenes fermentation of one or another of the innocent victims on overgrown paths huge British forests, which necessarily end with a lethal outcome, is quite similar to the younger and more famous “of the forest” horror, years later, shot in the USA. With each subsequent murder one way or another helps the plot to develop and skillfully to bring the viewer to a logical outcome, not transform the action into primitive spectacle with the mountains of corpses and the ongoing massacre. Thanks so scrupulous heed to detail, John Hough was able to create a real elegant classic vampire movies, which in the modern years, certainly compares favorably with soulless and boring commercial of the night.

If Fisher all of his “historicity” is almost always spoil a pronounced presence butaforii and theatrics, in the form of animated scenery cardboard scenery and washed to Shine the rustic costumes of the peasants, have everything looks exactly as it should look. When the screen is dirty laborer, and shows he-stained and unkempt, “natural” shooting taking place exclusively in natural forests and grasslands, and the interior of a spooky castle Kartinov, obviously starred in this rare mansion, not in a Studio pavilion with foam walls, painted with watercolors. Even rich aristocrats in the film not dressed too flamboyantly and fabulously (historically it is proven of a serious exaggeration of the theories regarding luxury medieval castles and bombast of the outfits of the rich), which creates an additional effect of historical authenticity. At the same time, the tape is impressive impressive scale. The disadvantages of the tape could be considered the traditional paintings of the era slowness, a certain monotony of the action, is interesting itself, not the dilution (except for the really energetic and bloody ending) and not always successfully matched to the music, which while watching with the feeling that you look rather heroic fantasy of the noble knights without fear and reproach, and not Gothic horror about rise from the dead.

What we have in the end? Beautiful, interesting, indeed fascinating film about vampires, skillfully created by the hands of British filmmakers of the seventies of the last century. It’s not snotty fashion melodrama about cute boys-vampires, Spud frigid young Horny Schoolgirls… are We talking about British horror film. A horror film created in the Studio “Hammer”. Connoisseurs of logical subjects, graphic bloody effects, scary atmosphere and Gothic grandeur should not miss this gem of a genre in any case.

8 out of 10

New review: Twins of evil 26.07.2017

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