New review: two-faced lover 15.12.2017

“I” first of all bodily, it is not only a creature, having a surface, and it is the projection of this surface”. Sigmund Freud

After watching the new film Francois Ozon “two faced lover”, it may seem that the protagonist of the painting is the body of his new Muse — actress Marina Waqt, which played the role of a young, seeking psychological help, girls. And that the role of the viewer is in fact to enjoy the beauty and grace of this body on the background of her strange relations with different kinds of psi — specialists: psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and of course cats.

Perhaps Ozone and pursued this goal, because, as he himself once said, it is important for him to make a film in which will play the actress, “from which it is impossible to look away” and the body of the protagonist is really enough. But what else could that mean an abundance of physicality on the screen? What if the Director’s body of the heroine is just the surface, way to tell of her complicated inner world, to understand that Ozone sends each of us?

From the very first frame body Chloe will be the route that will unfold the main events of the film. The body of Chloe — the scenario of Ozone. The body of Chloe — the script of her own life. That is a bodily symptom — abdominal pain — will start all the action. And if at the beginning of the narrative we hear Chloe asks — first gynecologist, and then a therapist — “Why my stomach hurts?”, over time, this question begins to sound in new ways “What am I really hurt?”

To some extent, everything that happens with Chloe’s projection of her physical history: “male twins” are a reflection not only of internal processes (split in her love life), but as it turned out, and of the processes occurring in her body (“double”, hidden in its abdominal cavity). At Chloe as if there is an intuitive understanding of its history, which it can only be felt and which can only only guess, but she can not quite articulate and understand.

This leads to the fact that unbeknownst to herself, she loses the story of their origin in the relationship with Paul and Louis (both brothers played by actor jérémie Renier). This relationship becomes an imaginary stage on which unfolds the life and imagination of Chloe. And you can argue a lot with Ozone: what is the cause and what the consequence, the main still is that Chloe finds out their story, and many counterparts go into oblivion.

“Two faced lover” is largely a repetition of previous paintings of Ozone, however, this film and some peculiar novelty. It should be noted a great number of visual, new techniques, great music Philippe Rombi. In this work the author explores a new theme — the relationship of body and soul, the formation of the human “I” as a reflection of the body surface, and it copes with its task.

Ozone remains largely true to his style, blurring the line between reality and imagination, life and dream, tragedy and Comedy, inner and outer, body and soul, female and male. The language of his films as always disturbs usual perception, casts doubt on any manifestation of uniqueness, bypassed by a causal link. He extols the world of imagination, a world that has over a person more power than the world’s so-called reality.

New review: two-faced lover 15.12.2017

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