New review: Under suspicion 31.07.2017

Nineties of the last century was very rich in high-quality thrillers and detectives. Moreover, the themes and the narrative style of these paintings vary greatly, from small chamber films to the acclaimed blockbusters. This film by Director Stephen Hopkins tries to balance. The author tells a little story, almost all of which takes place in the same office, but uses flashbacks to give the story dynamism. And to attract the viewer uses truly stellar cast.

The picture is an adaptation of the novel of the writer John Wainwright ‘s”brainwash”and a remake of the French film “Under the preliminary investigation”. The genre is a detective, where the truth set by means of interrogation. The voltage level allows you to name the tape action-Packed Thriller. And the transformation of the characters during the narration makes the picture even and deep personal drama. Where everything is not as easy as it seems.

A successful and powerful lawyer becomes the Prime suspect in the case of a terrible crime. Having against him is only circumstantial evidence, an experienced investigator starts the interrogation with the aim to get to the truth. Soon, however, normal conversation turn into a tense psychological duel. The Director wisely confuses the audience, so much so that the viewer to understand where the truth and a lie. Accents change, constantly turning everything on its head. And the skeletons hidden in the closet and strive to fall out.

In General, the film addresses important issues regarding the justice system. Where is the line that allows you to move from a preliminary investigation to specific charges a person of a crime, not knowing exactly if he was guilty? The Director also tries to set the human system. Thus the viewer is easy to imagine yourself in the place of the suspect and to feel the full force of the state apparatus of repression. The topic was and always will be relevant.

In such chamber the stories of a great burden of responsibility falls on the actors. And here the movie full order. Gene Hackman is incredibly good in the role of a successful lawyer. Acting allows him to easily manipulate the audience’s emotions. But because until the very end it is impossible to say whether he’s guilty or not. Morgan Freeman in no way inferior to its counterparts. Trying to get to the truth, his character is in a difficult position. He is convinced of the guilt of the suspect, but something gives him no peace in this story, prompting them to dig deeper. Not lost on their background and Thomas Janein the role of assistant investigator. A beautiful Monica Bellucci is an important addition to the history, where she paid not the last role.

Under suspicion is a tense, intriguing, hardboiled detective Thriller. Not a new word in the genre, but with its main task the job. Forcing the viewer to speculate and wonder at the unexpected finale. Sometimes the truth is a little tight, but holding attention until the credits roll.

7 out of 10

New review: Under suspicion 31.07.2017

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