New review: underworld: blood War 28.09.2017

There are critics who, taking her baby Toot for the pipe of the goddess of fame, I guess it depends on what is considered lean and anything good.

As the drug does not reach its goal, if it was spelled out in too strong a dose, so just censure and criticism, if they pass the measure of justice

So said the great Arthur Schopenhauer.

Yes, after all, masters, great artists, these Americans.

Seriously, I have the impression that this Saga consultants are the true vampires and Lycans… what was Happening on the screen personally to me seemed so real, as if it was really a retelling of the events of the days of the vampire Chronicles, and not a figment of imagination of the writers.

“Another World” hidden from the eyes of mortals, again pushes back the curtain of twilight, and amid centuries of confrontation continues the story of the misadventures of the spectacular beauties warrior Selene.

Note, the main advantage of this work — the dramatic lethality of heroes more than demonstrated in the scenes of hand to hand combat, shooting, and fencing so impressive that the samurai Quincy, Conor Macleod, and clerics of the Tetra Grammaton, together weighed a jaw, goes to collect the papers for retirement.

Simply divine meat grinder and was trying to shout me!

And I managed to survive and antagonists and the protagonists of this story, why do (don’t tell anyone, I will not spoil) I had to kill some characters! Though not quite positive! Of course, a film about the war, even mythical, and war without loss does not happen, and this is a logical development of events, but still feel SORRY for them.

What can I say? This film is every bit as good as I do not want to spoil it tedious laudatory review. Impressive work, at a decent level, I’ll just get tired to proclaim the praises, and he himself begins to irritate its own platitudes. Movie that can be safely recommended to all fans of Nosferatu and werewolves. Like a good Gothic novel I read, and I regret that it ended so suddenly.

New review: underworld: blood War 28.09.2017

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