New review: unfriended 31.07.2016

Liked the movie vitality. Not in the sense of the situation with suicide girls video (although I am sure that this happened), and in the promise. By the end of the film is the finish, and you realize: Yes, this can be. Nowadays, all spread in a network all that only it is possible. Write in Twitter, what people are doing, where and with whom to go. Reinforce this with photos from Instagram. Up on YouTube “funny videos with your friends. Teenagers today sometimes completely lose the brain, they do not realize that their personal lives cannot be put on display. More precisely, we need to know the measure.

The film is sometimes boring, but that was the idea creators. He is realistic, and even a bad picture with web camera (tell you how happy the owner of this here’s a cool camera with a lag). Yes, there is such a dynamics. Well, unless you rapidly click on the links? And have you ever washed several times what was going to send? Therefore, such a “ping” I reacted positively.

I wouldn’t call this film horror. There is nothing so terrible, is that the atmosphere-to-end delivery. But the situation itself was sad.

The ending was predictable, but it was interesting to watch. Moreover, it is open, and you can slightly guess what is all over.

As for the humor, here he is also, oddly enough, fits. The jokes are blunt, vulgar, but what do you expect from a company’s adolescents? Lots of profanity, all as in life.

The cast is quite suitable, all the actors were in character. Separately want to highlight Shelley Hennig, it was opened for me from the other side. On teen Wolf, I never noticed her special talent, and here she did well.

The film is definitely worth at least that again to understand: be careful with whom you are friends, and that spread in the network. Use your head before you post some stupid picture. Think, in the end, about someone other than yourself. And do not be drunk in the soup.

8 out of 10

New review: unfriended 31.07.2016

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