New review: Universal soldier 4 07.06.2017

Temporal and spatial violations, vivid experiences of past events, optical illusions, impaired perception, auditory pseudohallucinations, and viewer – main effects from the use of psychedelic substances. All these sensations are endowed with the character of Scott Adkins – John (as I suspect some viewers, with substances communicated and the creators of the picture). By the way, bright colors in the ribbon no, the authors played up the color with only a white t-shirt of John’s that turn red in the climax, from the stranger and his blood. A few words about the stiffness of the screen – at the end of the meter there is not one surviving member of the body bruising which experts have gone roller from the toes to the top of the head.

Really furious and brutal action movie, with a twisting and unpredictable plot, which may seem to some users a few schizophrenic and obelysk the places was long and tedious. I believe that this “action Noir film”, without hats and costumes, the number one throughout the movie (can’t remember the other, which would be N4 N1). Somewhat puzzled, the installation “let go” when you consider that the father of the Director is a strong professional with the movie the son is clearly familiar with Ismal. About a person in one word: edkins – acrobat, Arlovski – bearded, ZHKVD – detached, Lundgren – reckless.

The revision made clear that Naishuller saw it too and have to talk about the impact on “Hardcore”, and that the value of tape in the eyes, for a few years, but increased

8 out of 10

New review: Universal soldier 4 07.06.2017

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