New review: untitled 30.07.2016

Far from a masterpiece, but again you can see. The irony of modern art (corpses of animals, intelligent idleness, heaps of garbage, etc.). Light Comedy without enough depth of disclosure topics, which, however, may not vodimo the tasks of the Director. Good played the role of a weirdo musician (actor Adam Goldberg). Behind the scenes of the gallery of modern art, led by babe (an important factor) galeristka, entirely commercial in and with the pathos of genuine conversations about art outside.

The movie has humor and irony about creativity, the creative task of the artist, the artist’s life and his relationship with the world of the public and galleries. Space created a type of fool-the collector, about which much has been written, say, Maxim Kantor, “drawing Tutorial” and numerous articles and essays on the so-called contemporary art (contemporary art). However, if to speak about the topic of creativity in film, something much more creative and much stronger artistically done, say for comparison, Inyarittu film “Birdman”.

“Harmony is a capitalist plot to sell pianos,” says one character in the picture, and it could be made in the epigraph. Well, the funny thing in this movie (hard to say did the author of the movie is himself in his thoughts on contemporary art) that a “Creator” thinks the other “Creator” mediocrity, and at the same time himself being so. The cock and the cuckoo on the contrary.

The film is not recommended for viewing for serious glamorous visitors of the galleries a La Gelman Guggenheim or in the absence of such a sense of reality and humor. The last film could be perceived as libel. If the sense of humor present, even the viewer, in their free time loitering in garbage exhibitions and conferences insignificant for the world installations, a little to laugh at himself through this film “untitled”.

5 out of 10

New review: untitled 30.07.2016

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