New review: Utopia 28.07.2017

Another attempt to overcome the provincialism of the English cinema. “Utopia” is one of the most wild and chernushny of shows I’ve seen. Somewhere even I was shocked and did not expect this from the British. The level of hardcore and horror in the show is just outrageous. You never know what will happen in the next series. That only is schizophrenic yellowish atmosphere of the series.

Think about it. Here you sit like this on the forum about a flat earth, Tartarus, aliens, cattle mutilation, the Illuminati-Freemasons-reptiloydov the Committee of 300 Bohemian grove and so on, Hyperborea-Arches-belovod and all. And then there is some people who wrote: “so I have proof that the bearded card game “Illuminati” simulated future events of the New World Order, which contains the name of Mr. Oiler, who is the alleged leader of the Illuminati”. And the next day he comes home to you moon-faced assassin and the man in the yellow jacket. The plot of the series is excellent and brilliant.

As the actors and the main characters are typical consumers of conspiracy content (which I can classify myself). First, it pros (Yen) pants sit in the office, troubled girl (Becky) associated with the conspiracy theme in real life through relatives, which tries to collect info on the topic. Nerd and paranoid with a personal bunker, obsessed with conspiracies (Wilson Wilson), a victim of the New World Order (Jessica) and a representative of the English shkoloty simple British schoolboy (Grant little), which is the chief ornament of the series.

Didn’t want to write much about the show, as it is better to watch, even though it is designed for the Amateur such horrible content. Generally say, the series is quite clearly shown punitive measures, but a secret forces against fighters with the system. Which is quite surprising. But the fact that the series closed after 2 seasons is quite surprising. The Illuminati and the Freemasons tried.

It says that season 2 is not as good as the first, but here personally to me the second season I liked more. The first one was too frostbitten and schizophrenic, but in the second it appears to slender the logic of the narrative, and the series gradually becomes normal in a good way.

7 out of 10

With all the advantages of the series is still designed for the Amateur. And in General nervous it is better not to look.

New review: Utopia 28.07.2017

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