New review: Versailles 24.06.2017

A series of such a plan is guilty of the excess of information, which the ordinary viewer is in principle irrelevant. To such “unnecessary information” include: the dates that most of the audience ignores information about the political life of a certain period, etc. “Versailles” allows you to look at life at the court of Louis 14 the eyes of the person to whom it has a direct relationship. All important events are covered. The series sin against historical truth, but not excessively: the main points — for example, the relationship of “sun king” with his approach — precisely transferred, and compliance with all the nuances, no one expects.

“Versailles” fully conveys the specifics of all his assigned genres. Drama? There are acute social conflicts, and finding ways to resolve them. Contradictions in life are sometimes strained to the limit. Biography? Of course, because of the actions of the king directly affects the development of the plot! This means that you need to consider all the nuances of the psychological state of Louis. Story? Yes, Yes and again Yes!

The soundtracks complement the events in the series. Good move to enrich the historical story of modern music. This “Versailles” only wins.

The actors demonstrate a wide range of emotions. To watch them play is a pleasure. Sarcasm Prince Philip. The determination of king Louis. The desperation of the Marquise of Montespan. The list can be endless, because each character as a real historical person, is multifaceted and has many different qualities.

The only thing in the series, in my opinion, is not high — quality costumes. They are quite beautiful, but not always tasteful. Gold colouring Louis undoubtedly successfully appeals to his “sun” role, however, suits its environment lose in comparison with clothes of other historical series. However, against the background of the merits of the series, this disadvantage can be considered insignificant.

“Versailles” will appeal primarily to those who previously were interested in historical works. Viewers wishing pleasantly to spend time, will not be disappointed.

9 out of 10

New review: Versailles 24.06.2017

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