New review: Viking 21.06.2017

God, what a poor film! What a shame that it has paid OFF and more – was included in the list of highest-grossing films of Russia’s modern times! Where is our cinema and our audience?! Do my fellow Americans get dumber every generation? It’s not even a hack, a worthless pile of dung! In terms of performance, this “cadaver” correspond neither to the worst, the most kitsch of historical fighters shot at the American “dream factory” or low-budget Russian films, of which there is at least a plot. One positive I can say: it is clear that “Konstantin Ernst and Co.” tried very hard. Just because there is a efforts and the desire for imitation is not enough. Even invested in the production of a film of a pile of money, will not replace talent and professionalism.

One example. In the old wonderful movie “Spartacus” by Stanley Kubrick, burning logs rolling down on the Roman legions from the hillside, looks bright and impressive. The most likely time and place. But the same technique used in “the Viking”, when wooden (wooden, Carl!) the walls of Kiev in the direction of galloping in the distance, nomads, fly and roll some burning wheel pair, despite the fact that special slopes is not observed, nothing but mocking laughter at any little bit of the thinking viewer, not causes. Plagiarized the idea, so at least would have embodied dignity. Yes, where! “Where the bull’s hoof, and cancer claws”. The script in General is saturated with plagiarism. For example, stolen pieces of the stories of the Scandinavian sagas. Okay. Let them. We will not touch and historical blunders, anachronisms, and direct lies. Their such quantity that the enumeration would take a lot of time. No matter this, on the background of the main disadvantage of this wretched movie. And it is this:

It’s not a film but a pile of loosely coupled, interconnected, scenes. Feeling cohesive, unified action arises. A collection of clips about “rolevok”. But without good music and actors. I saw it ubozhische on the big screen. In January of this year. And would like to “unsee” and forget. So want to bury any lasciviousness, had the misfortune to offend our eyes.

I don’t like violently come down on bad movies. I usually do not criticize them. But I can’t keep silent.

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New review: Viking 21.06.2017

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