New review: waiting for the miracle 02.10.2017

Movies genre romantic Comedy is very difficult in terms of creating. After all, a romantic Comedy film where the plot emotions and feelings of the characters, laced with jokes. These stories look far from reality. But to create a good romantic Comedy should be paid attention to realism, and almost the same as the previously mentioned components. If you follow this rule, you will make a good romantic Comedy (Pretty woman, Another woman , etc.), if you do not comply, then will the pathetic vanilla-farcical spectacle like Mamma mia)

But if Mamma mia is just a bad romantic Comedy, waiting for a miracle true anticalin because of his extreme naivete, fabulous and doesn’t care for realism and intelligence of the viewer.

The main heroine. In a good romantic Comedy if the main character is shy, as it is not a faceted diamond (able and not ugly), and in the plot, gets rid of complexes and is seeking reciprocity from passions and other bonuses. And what do we get here? A girl that even the mind does not Shine, and only whines that her miracle comes. To further piss off the audience, she almost constantly and is deranged hamster. The evidence of the latter is faye, which is a delusion of Maya (an obvious parody of the movie dead Fred).

Plot. In General it is stupid and Nigran — as the main character. And that’s not the whole stupidity of the plot. With faye-the hallucination she was trying to concoct a love story (insert here a joke about Masturbation), and its transformation occurs at the very end of the film. As for the latter, the audience saw the before and after, but not seen as the transition, although in theory we were supposed to see him during the whole (!) film in the form of logically interrelated events.

Pros. Even in such a bad film they exist is good special effects, good performance of some actors (for example, the same Olesya Sudzilovskaya) and beautiful views of St. Petersburg. But all this is like an ant in the grass compared with the global problems of the film.

The verdict. This film is more than just bad — he’s not worthy to be called a romantic Comedy. Romance there’s no love (one of the most beautiful feelings) are exhibited here as a mysterious abstract thing to strive for only the lazy and small minded people who look at the world through the eyes of five children. Of humor and no — most of the humor is based on gagah type Oh, look how clumsy she is, ahah.

2 out of 10

New review: waiting for the miracle 02.10.2017

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