New review: Walk 27.07.2016

The story tells us about the tightrope Walker Philippe Petit, whose dreams are reduced to walking the tightrope between the two towers. And if you find this idea crazy, then you will be right. And Robert Zemeckis realized this idea could not be better. But if I say that the film is gorgeous, I’d be lying, because there is quite a lot of flaws.

Undoubtedly the cinematography is good, the actors really did well, Joseph Gordon-Levitt just conquered. It knocks up, so is the humor, which probably is somewhere in good shape, but overall I was not pleased. As naked Bouncing on the roof of one of the twin towers Philippe Petit is not very happy. Especially in such a thin, trypetesa soul atmosphere. Or there’s one nonsensical moment when the roof rises people, who actually replicas, then no, he is just a little, nods and leaves. I understand it showed the obsession of our hero to his dream and that he may cause injuries to others, but this does not affect the main story, it just wasn’t happening, we all understand.

What’s really creepy, so is morality. They directly speak to do things that no one before you has not made, and this can be perceived not only in a positive note, from this and become creepy.

But overall, the film carries out the main trend, interest. Interest this is the main position which should be present in the film and this film did good.

New review: Walk 27.07.2016

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