New review: War against all 04.10.2017

British crime Comedy work harder just seemed to have forgotten the field of fighters, which, to this day, on a whim, thrown base films, from which there is no expectation, but which look like small business for the overall system market. From the Britons the only difference is that snobbish descendants and their opposites trying to be as expressive and extravagance, therefore, put at stake everything. Even the name of the previous tape.

Mr. William J. McDonough impossible to convince of anything. Honestly, this kind of work — a personification after their work/celebration of a state of mind and body. Originality must be much more than acting, and shocking should more than exceed the canonical distribution plot.

Applying to this tape, the concept of “farce wars”, the Director took the second plan all the puny special effects and punchline that every child wants to feel part of a common. Is war against all, and the jungle — that’s the true path — survival of the fittest. It is not necessary to cave in under the changeable world, is to bend it without permission. Raking under all that you see, heroes submitted by heroes of the new generation, not stopping at nothing. And the more the frame will be chaos, the better will be the feeling. It should be noted that Macdona was hardly easy to go to so pleasing an experiment without hesitation, but the resulting effect he may be satisfied.

Although… the Main thing to determine is the glass half or half empty it must be the presence of water.

So, the Kingdom of the vacuum and large. Showing a complete, neraspyatyh view of the world where anything is possible, and the boundary of your neighbor not to eat the forbidden fruit, McDonagh missed the one for this cover, the farce becomes reality, and the hypertrophy becomes a routine. Peremirie with a dramatic narrative puts a farce on the location of the victim who accidentally succumbed to the temptations of the bright world, and a sharp change of direction, briochette plot and “sassy” protest shooting that put in the corner as much as possible the number of corners, goes into the category of domestic turmoil and Monday morning.

It’s a shame. This tape was prepared again, as with all British movies of this style, to outdo the viewer and make him stand on his knees, trying to get off the ground and jump through hoops, but has ensured that she can respectfully shake hands, but forget about meeting another couple tear-off calendar.

(written 7.1.2017)

New review: War against all 04.10.2017

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