New review: war of the worlds 29.07.2016

The universe is infinite like figure eight, and because it remains so mysterious and interesting. What secrets are hiding a galaxy and what we don’t know from what you know should not be, and what information we lack, which could come in handy? Information step development to which we aspire. Waking up and falling asleep, the human brain can not leave indifferent thoughts about the universe, because it is always interesting, and sometimes ominously mysterious. We are waiting for some “little green men”, which as we know, or think we know, and strive to come down from the planets and to bring to man the spiritual and technical development.

Hmm, forget all the above because the Martians we don’t like it, and they will soon begin the attack! Run! Stop! Calm down, we ourselves still alone in the universe, our round and “sweet” the planet isn’t in danger, but then where’s the panic? Memories, memories evoked me a story that their “tentacles” originates from 1897, the year when Hg wells was written the fantasy novel “the War of the worlds”, “the Struggle of the worlds, call it what you want, but the course of events is not changed, Herbert wells was made an important step in the development of the idea that aliens may be far from friendly, as well as in the book, he shows the resistance of one man, in a world overrun by aliens…Clarification, not aliens, Martians, Martians, in fact, unfriendly and evil creatures, this man needs to showcase the wonders of durability to survive and simultaneously with this to tell their story about the war of the worlds. This is the book, and now let’s talk about the film, the film is not mediocre and very talented Director, Martians took on Steven Spielberg.

A screen adaptation of fantastic pictures complicated thing, but in the Director’s chair sat a professional, but of course not without personal whims and innovations, but they are on film not adversely affected, they are just a bit different than in the novel. We have modified the alien, externally distinguishable from their book counterparts(meaning the aliens without their ships), but Spielberg distorts everything possible embellishes and makes everything cinematic, but no moonlight, and to adapt the famous science fiction novel is an important criteria. The book was science fiction and the film thus becomes, to parasitize fantastic classics, the creators did not intend, and it’s obviously been altered, added something of their own, but do not distort the essence of the original, but the essence is first and foremost about the human desire to explore other worlds besides their own, and then a story of survival, where people have to be smarter than an alien race, just to survive.

A large greyish round the carcass, the size perhaps of a bear, slowly and with difficulty climbed out of the cylinder. Leaning out into the light, she salonius, just a wet belt. Two large dark eyes staring at me. The monster was round head and, if I may say so, face. Under the eyes was the mouth, the edges of which moved and shook, releasing saliva. The beast was breathing heavily, and his whole body was pulsing frantically. One thin tentacle rested on the edge of the cylinder is waved in the air.

For comparison, the description seems much better visualization of the aliens in the movie, but this is how anyone will take information, Spielberg imagined their own, in their own way, it’s not a bad idea, the liberty of the Director, which is forgivable, because a large proportion of the narrative is preserved. Not without its favorite almost all Americans scenes with “grenade and linchpin”(when someone is pretentious and accented show ring of the grenade when it was torn in this movie, the hero of Tom cruise spits out of her mouth), but Oh well, it looked not so bad, even cool in 1897-Ohm, this scene could only dream of, although as anyone.

Most importantly, the episode from the book, an allusion to the fact that we are the same savages, what was considered alien residents of London, preserved in the cinematic version, in the end, where we expected to find solidarity against global threats, show us how people can be selfish, revealing their not the best quality. Such behaviour of London residents, suggests that perhaps the aliens attacked not for nothing, but it is in the imagination of the reader and watching a movie-adaptation.


Tom cruise and Dakota fanning kept well done, and Justin Chatwin(his character)more irritated with his hysterical mood swings. Pleased Tim Robbins, perfectly conveyed the madness of his character. Miandi Otto was short, but her character does not emphasize the special attention, so it’s not so bad.

Music? Kind of, sometimes tedious, but successful.

“War of the worlds” 2005-year a good fantasy film but not without flaws. And if sometimes look at the sky, then…

The diary ends

To review “quick facts”

8 out of 10

P. S. If you watched the first movie, then indulge yourself and after you read the book, it is not only fantastic, but also very honest to the reader.

New review: war of the worlds 29.07.2016

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