New review: Warcraft 28.07.2016

Hello my favorite… no, not like that dear… no, comrades criticism. You don’t know me, but I know you… well, you know, follow your assessments. And you know, I was somewhat surprised and stunned when I saw the rating on the recently released film Warcraft, directed by Duncan Jones. I understand that the film is not perfect, but 21%??? And the words: “Better to see the continuation of Superbrute Mario””??? Don’t you think it’s overkill? Let’s you and I will look in more detail, maybe you made a mistake, and the movie doesn’t deserve so much devastating criticism.

The story tells about the beginning of the long war between the orcish Horde and Alliance people. The leader of the orcs Gul’dan with the help of Filth — of dark magic opens a portal to Azeroth to find the Horde’s new home. But to coexist peacefully with people of warlike orcs can’t.

So, what do you fellow critics talk about the movie. Give a couple of reviews that, in General, reflect all claims:

“The root of the problem of “Warcraft” is that this tape takes the story seriously unwavering, as if each character and the conflict actually exist” Variety

Friend the critic from Variety, please tell me, what do you want to show history, serious history, to believe in it, and not take everything seriously? Peter Jackson took seriously “the Lord of the rings and Uwe Boll’s “Dungeon Siege” there, and one that happened in the end? Especially for this film used the story of the first game from the Warcraft, not World of Warcraft, and there all very seriously. Well, judge for yourself, your world is dying, came to another — were in the war. What here jokes. You know, I somehow think that you are under the influence of certain stereotypes that the game is a typical child and frivolous entertainment. Play-ka you in, say, Spec Ops: the line or Life is Strange, remove the rose-colored glasses.

Go ahead:

“Imagine “battlefield: Earth without even a casual humor and soul, but with the tedious adventure, fantasy and ragged morality from what seems to be happening is ridiculous.” with thewrap

Here I am wondering why you all decided that the film should be fun and easy? You that Marvel has bitten? Surely now all blockbusters should be cheerful and funny Cunts? NO. This is not so. Sometimes for a change I want to see some serious and dark blockbuster. Yes, I agree that the film in a couple of places is slack, the plot is not the most original, if viewed from the point of view of cinema, BUT NOT AT the LEVEL of “BATTLEFIELD EARTH”!!! Yes, compared to this Scientology vyser even “Bitter” seems to be a masterpiece.

Listen, comrades, I do not understand, what do you think about movies? Secondary Hunger games, insolently rip-off of “battle Royale” you rate by as much as 84%, secondary, boring and primitive “Survivor,” the 89%, Yes even poor “Ghostbusters” 2016 you rate by as much as 78%. But “Warcraft” which is based on its unique concept, you trampled in the dirt. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

As for me, it’s a good film with an interesting concept, good plot (the main problem is that it destroys the game Canon), good acting. Especially liked Paula Patton, Ben foster, and Ben Netzer. Also on Board are AWESOME, spetseffekty. Where did you last seen such a live Orcs? The graphics are generally very unusual. First you find it strange, but then you admire the riot of colors and the fact that all magic is reminiscent of what you saw in the game. Quite an unusual combination. And all this under the epic soundtrack by Ramin Javadi. Oh, and a ton… no, not a TON of references and Easter eggs. There are shortcomings, I’m not saying that the film is not without flaws. But they here do not solve anything. And personally I liked the movie. Speaking as nepanet. I never games WoW, quite a bit, played Warcraft 3, but the film I was hooked. I think, if will continue, “Warcraft” has all chances to become the new “Lord of the rings”. And I like nepanet put to film

8 out of 10

What about you, fellow critics, I was disappointed in you completely. The first straw was overestimated “Survivors”, then the wild expedition rottenтоматами “Batman vs. Superman”, and now this. You know, you do not seem to want to change and adapt to the era. Like Adam Sandler, who joked about the same for 20 years. You’re used to the films old school, something new makes you a rejection (although drama about sick gays, blacks and without commas you praise consistently). And now I know Kevin Smith, who began to not care about your opinion, because the main critic and the judge — the viewer who vote ruble. Yes, and people are now increasingly turning not to the websites Rottentomatoes and Metacritic, and, say, IMDb and Kinopoisk, where are your reviews published ordinary people. Or, in Twitter, Instagram and other social. network climb, learning the public opinion. The opinion of the PUBLIC, not the critics. You know, many filmmakers a couple of years ago said one interesting thing: the last film critic who loved movies Roger Ebert. Even when he criticized the film, it is clear that he respected the work of others. How are they with Gene Siskel zealously and passionately discussed the movie, argued, defended their opinions. It is immediately evident that they’re doing it because of sincere love for the art of cinema. Now this is no. You need to change, fellow critics, otherwise you will become a relic of the past. Good luck to you

Sincerely yours BJ Blazkowicz

New review: Warcraft 28.07.2016

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