New review: Warcraft 30.07.2016

Only 2 months after the premiere of the film “Warcraft” I was able to weigh all the pros and cons of this film.

I am a big fan of the universe of Warcraft and quite familiar with the tippet of this amazing universe. I know a lot of heroes, I know hundreds of places on the map of Azeroth and know the spirit of the world itself. And of course I was looking forward to the release of the film in this universe!

But frankly… I didn’t believe in him. My fears were caused by:

1)Change of Directors

First the place of the Director leaned scandalously famous Uwe Boll. Glory to the World, Blizzard Entertainment refused, but rather sent him to hell.

In 2009 the Director’s chair took Sam Raimi and he held on to it long enough and in 2013 he left the project.

All terrified. “Warcraft” remained without the Director! Who’s it gonna be?

Finally, in 2013 was declared as final (Thank the Light) Director: Duncan Jones.


Of course, in the film adaptation of games, books or comics is a very important scenario. Especially for the fans. I was afraid that the movie will come up with new characters and a new story. Feared by the beloved lore would be changed. (And so it happened, but more on that later)


Strange as it may sound, but Yes. That explanation of the game, Blizzard will remove the film, announced back in 2006. For 10 years the film, much has happened (as I wrote earlier), but the fans still believed and waited. The film was supposed to come out in December 2015, but due to “the Force awakens” premiere moved to March. But really horrified by what the Prime Minister was moved again — from March to may.

4)Inherited failure

Here I will be brief. It is known that films of games are not the best (remember Uwe Boll) and I was very afraid of the fact that “Warcraft” will inherit this failure.

And then came this very day — may 26, 2016! Even though I didn’t believe in the film, but I was hoping Duncan Jones can make a good film based on the Warcraft universe. My hopes were justified!

The film was released a good, if not great. Yes, it is full of differences with the tippet of Warcraft, but as you know, to make a film completely on Laura , not-in-zmo-OfP!

But what I want to say — these changes in Laura went for film promotion.

To be honest, lore of the movie I even somewhat liked more than the lore of the game. Yes, you can get the sticks and tomatoes, but this is purely my personal opinion.

Well, what can please the film fans?


Well, of course. Favorite characters! It was very cool to see familiar characters on the big screen. They came alive in my eyes! We heard, or rather saw their stories in their own narrative. May also be noted that Duncan Jones has done is absolutely right that the narration of the story was from two sides — the Alliance and the Horde. I also think it is absolutely right that in the acting caste no stars of the first magnitude. To see, frankly, boring faces in the images of your favorite characters a complete nightmare!


To see familiar places is something incredible! Stormgard, Ironforge Karazhan, Elwynn forest, Zlatosel, the Dark Portal… I was especially shocked by the view of Dalaran. Yes, it was only with the “gretskogo” flight, but nevertheless. It’s hard to imagine what kind of work did the filmmakers to show us all the beauty of Azeroth.


This is the main point. The plot of the film went to the very first part of game series Warcraft — Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Though the First war are not endowed with interesting events, but Jones was able to act out the story.


Yeah! It’s gorgeous! All the battles in the film were beautiful. The invasion, the battle in the forest and in the mountains, two of the final battle… already goosebumps on a back ran.


There is no comments.

And can please this movie to people who are not familiar with the tippet?

1)Orcs and magic…

… or generally speaking the “special effects”. Though the film was cut with scissors as much as 30 minutes and the actions (especially in the beginning) don’t have time to watch — it does not prevent to enjoy the special effects.

The orcs made very realistic. Huge bulls with different skin colors (brown and green), with huge axes and huge paws! This is the scope! I believe that these orcs are, and are not just one big special effect. The same could be said about the magic (and mages, respectively). “Good, neutral and evil magician” and each has its own characteristics in the use of magic. And watch as they use it only a pleasure.

2)New story

But there is and disadvantages — the complexity of the story. “Why are some orcs green and some brown?; where are they now?; and what’s the name?; why so…” — this is the complexity of the story. But the world of Warcraft, his spirit can make you fully immersed in this universe.

3)the Types of

He paragraph 2 for the fans. The types of the film really fascinating. I think they can be compared only with the film “the Lord of the Rings”.


Battle is battle. They are all good.

Cons will Express briefly. 1. The film was cut and glued bad. 2. Not until the end of the open characters. 3. A complicated story (for non-experts Laura). 4. The change in Laura (for the fans)

And even in spite of all these disadvantages, I put the highest mark. I don’t regret that I went to the movies to see this movie. All my admiration I have expressed previously.

Pleasant viewing!

10 out of 10

Lok tar Ogar!

New review: Warcraft 30.07.2016

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