New review: warrior 03.10.2017

Original name joint British-Romanian movie “Boudica”. It was chosen in honor of the main heroine of the picture — the wife of the leader of the brythonic tribe called the Iceni, who lived in 1 BC. In the future, its name has had several interpretations, for example, Boadicea or Budik, but in the end, officially adopted its name as Boudicca, with the accent on the first syllable.

Agree that the name of this historical person is not known to all, except to historians, but a different kind of intellectuals, so our distributors acted wisely when given the name of the film, deviating from the original. So tape Director bill Anderson and screenwriter Andrew Davies began to call to us as the “warrior Princess”, this spectacular and loud. Even so a certain part of the audience gather, especially the brethren who do not believe in the existence of the cinema is such a subgenre as “peplum”, that is historical battle movie with some deviations from the facts in order to make this movie a great drama. All to the delight of the audience!

Indeed, if at least superficially familiar with the life story of Boudicca, it instantly becomes clear that it could form the basis for the plot on the Grand scale of the peplum. Not only Stanley Kubrick would be glad of the opportunity to make a film on motives of the militant times of Boudicca, but Mel Gibson, Ridley Scott and Wolfgang Petersen would come from. But there are a few but the Directors had and have talent, then they have the status and credibility and as a consequence — the ability to attract the attention of the richest and largest film studios in the world. Bill Anderson there was no possibility a priori: “the Queen of warriors” is clearly not suffering from an excess of funding, which ultimately led to the release of a fairly mediocre film.

Yes, and the bill Anderson could not boast with the experience of a full meter, his track record had only a TV series (among them, however, “Doctor Who”) and several television projects, i.e. bill Anderson were television. In such cases, it is rare to expect the unexpected “shot” when the Director to put something track. I must say that in General, “warrior Princess” and from what looks like a TV movie and no relation to art cinema has not. Boring scenery, lack of scale in the battle scenes (agree that peplum is extremely important), considerably cut the drama, a lot of missed nuances in the characters, why they looked molybednum, and sample fragments from the life of Boudicca to the plot. All this merely says that the delight of watching the “Queen of soldiers” does not radiate.

It’s a shame even on their own, such as screenwriter Andrew Davies, who worked on the adaptation of the first two books to the film adaptation of the story of Bridget Jones, not been able to identify the appropriate platform for “Queen of warriors”. Although, maybe I could, but then his script is so well cut, leaving only those parts which can be removed due to the lack of a proper budget. Of course there are a couple of scenes that looks good, there is even one that is downright scary and appalling behavior of the Roman soldiers, with whom Boudicca waged an unequal fight, but they are clearly not enough, that the film was more or less attractive. Not particularly expressive and the actors. Chosen for the lead role, the actress Alex Kingston (formerly the wife of Ralph Fiennes) was diligent, but fully reveal the character failed, but in principle this was to be expected. One consolation: “the Queen of warriors” was the first film for the now world-famous Emily blunt, who played Isolde, one of the daughters of Boudicca.

In conclusion, I would only say that if someone takes still better in terms of material production on the life story of Boudicca, it will be expected of the film because the life of this remarkable courageous woman deserves.

4 out of 10

New review: warrior 03.10.2017

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