New review: Watch jungle 27.09.2017

When I heard about the cartoon, I decided to go. After watching this cartoon I learned that he was part of a small franchise consisting of a one-hour TV movie, cartoon and this full length album dedicated about a team of rescuers headed repainted in a strip with a penguin named Maurice. The “jungle Patrol” seemed to very watchable.

About the main characters, i.e. about the team Squad of the jungle, or as here translated , the Patrol of the jungle, describe the review about the separate animated series.

The main drawback in the film for me was — the difficulties of translation. Most of the titles in the dubbing does not match the dubbing of the animated series from the Detachment of the jungle to the rescue, which usually show on the channel “Carousel”, because of this, the audience will be a number of misunderstandings. Unfortunately, this is typical for our Russian dubbing.

In dubbing the cartoon characters have changed names: Gilbert — Gilbert (name changed to the French style, it is clear that France is the country version of the cartoon), Patricia — Batricha (and here on the contrary, in English the variation of pronunciation). A son, Maurice — Junior was renamed the Baby, thus if the fish has lost its name. I understand that Junior is not really a name, and that the designation “Junior” applied to the son with the same name as his father, but Junior is much better.

The cartoon contains little history, a little flashback, thus explaining where in the tropical jungle come from penguin, why he paints himself in the band, why he wants to save all and the fish was his son. While all of this was shown as a quick drawings in a cartoon detachment of the jungle in the icy gave.

About the team of “Guardians” I really have nothing to say. Natasha (hear diminutive of Natalia on the West for me this is not news) — the tigress who is the head team mom to Maurice. Tony — Lenivets, who apparently never bathed. Goliath the Rhino, which very much hurt about the word “old age”. And about Ricky at all nothing to say.

* Igor — the main antagonist. Judging from flashback Natasha, Igor presented some schizophrenic, which is due to the fact that it was taken in the “Guardians” very angry and wants to destroy everything around.

* Surimi — crab, which Igor had to get involved in their Affairs, and can play well the role of his “right hand”. Also he looks funny as an alarm clock.

Most seemed very strange that birdie in the form of coconut twice shows his bare buttocks, and even in addition, this bird was asked to anoint the cream of this place. Well, nothing, Mikhalkov in his historical movie, also thought to show the fascist bare ass.

Also of Patricii/Beatrice finally managed to get declarations of love Gilbert/Gilbert three times and they kissed. But also noticed that Junior/Kid a strange look on his grandmother (though it seemed to me that the fish fell in love with the tiger).

With such a set of names like Natasha and Igor, I’m a year ago faced in season 4 of the animated series “dinosaur Train”.

Well, let’s say

6 out of 10

New review: Watch jungle 27.09.2017

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