New review: Watergate. The collapse of the White house 29.09.2017

About the Watergate scandal filmed a lot and in different ways. However, the work of Landesman initially attracted a good cast. First of all, it is not losing grip of Liam Neeson. But at the same time veterans Diane lane, Martin Csokas and Tom sizemore. Not less attractive the plot of Deep Throat: one of the main whistleblowers in U.S. history.

I must say that to appreciate a movie in a movie it was a bit difficult. Because distributors “MEGOGO” made the audience another setup: the duplicate was only the trailer, but for the movie these craftsmen made a disgusting illiterate nonsynchronous VoiceOver voiceovers, where it is constantly pronounced “EF-be-er”, “incident” and even sometimes swallow entire syllables in words.

However, the fading of the film cannot be attributed to a bad translation and dubbing. The film is poorly built dramatically and he had problems with the script. The viewer gets lost in names and dates. Neeson is good, but in this scenario it is absolutely stifling. The action takes place very slowly, the film manages to bore, like there’s three hours, not quite the standard one hundred minutes. Only good scolding, suspense music to Daniel Pemberton. But again, this is music I want some action or plot twists, but it is not. Therefore, even tense music seems inappropriate. Because it just show under it the city at night, or as there-here drive cars — this is not enough for interesting works.

Of course, you cannot expect a historical spoken movies entertainment fighters. But those films can be interesting. Take “frost / Nixon” about the Watergate scandal.

In General, the work of Landesman recalls a sketch of something bigger. There is a feeling that it is poorly designed and mounted. Or even is a collection of excerpts from some good (given the level of actors) of the series. Here only to see this original series we did not come. Before us only fragments and remnants of a failed project.

New review: Watergate. The collapse of the White house 29.09.2017

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