New review: What the theory of relativity 10.10.2017

Complex things can be told simply and clearly, you only need to have the talent to do it. In my opinion this tape is a basic presents the basics of SRT (Special relativity theory). It is useful to see both pupils and adults.

Interesting conversation of intellectuals, diluted with cartoons and vivid examples of SWDS in life. Duration 19 minutes — it’s not just so, and to look at the lesson and still have time to discuss what they see. Whatever drove the Soviet system of education, but she really wanted to give knowledge to children, to interest, to captivate science. And did everything for it — literate script, well-known actors, it is evident to all was not the society of the office plankton. I would like modern Directors, top actors to see something like that. Free, just care for people’s sake, and free to distribute to schools in order to increase interest in the Sciences. Utopia, of course, but it is necessary once to start.

I would also like to mention George Vitsin — how of its appealing, intelligent, open man. Can’t even find an analogy to today’s actors. Yes, there were people.

I note a bit of Alla Demidova. More precisely, a type of communication of her character. Such a condescending and disdainful tone towards people older than her twice, people who are not physicists, and may not know what she says. She regularly makes fun of the questions and opinions of their satellites, which are very cultural and politely trying to talk to her, even more than that — sometimes just slightly veiled rude to them, calling them ignorant, almost stupid. I don’t know, maybe in the 60s it was believed that scientist physicist has the right to such arrogance, but now it looks much not comme Il faut.

But in General — see for yourself and be sure to show the children. Especially before watching Interstellar, and you too will become more clear.

There is such a MEM — “In Russia are increasingly finding traces of more advanced civilization”. Here is one of such traces.

10 out of 10

New review: What the theory of relativity 10.10.2017

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