New review: where the Buffalo roam 25.06.2017

…but in my case it’s worked.

Madness and drugs was back on my screen. Hmmm.

The plot is a recycled mix of a series of autobiographical stories of hunter S. Thompson, including “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail “72”, “Large shark hunting” and “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”. Can u imagine that?

Freaking crazy and talented journalist trying to cover the important events, followed by spontaneous and crazy lawyer. Boundless Orgy. Unspeakable madness. Wildly, cocnut and cool.

Like many, on this film I learned after watching “Fear and loathing in LA” with johnny Depp. However, never have the desire to compare characters. Yes, there are similar plot points or, for example, the same habits of the characters, but it’s Thompson. The film is the independent creation of the Director, and appeared almost 20 years before the tape of Terry Gilliam. Tempting.

In the role of Thompson — bill Murray. A, a, represent? Groundhog day, Ghostbusters, moonrise Kingdom. And here it is, professional writing report driving a car, saidiwas little blue pills and drinking beer. A true master. Only a madman. His lawyer, Peter Boyle, colorful complements the image of time America of the ‘ 70s, her reckless and relaxation.

This is not a Comedy about drug addicts, which can only be viewed in a similar state. This is a film about the American dream, rebellion and rebelliousness, the spirit of the Buffalo to the music of Neil young.

My verdict: watch those who are interested in the life of ordinary creative people in those years.

New review: where the Buffalo roam 25.06.2017

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