New review: Why is it? 07.06.2017

“Why him?” attributed to the genre of Comedy. But it’s not. Why? Very simple — a Comedy must be funny. But “funny” is not about that movie. And not to be confused sortirny humor with stupidity and idiocy.

I like different humor. Including an outhouse. Moreover, I think toilet humor is one of the most honest and funny. One clarification — even toilet humor has to be high quality and funny. On the spot, I want to take in the near (distant?) past and to recall, for example, “Pie”. The series of “American pie” is almost a reference in this kind of art, although this is debatable. But it was something to discuss!) Each new series compared with the previous, the entire lineup of films was not uniform. And about the last part, it was possible to argue — just an old-fashioned or still a dump. Or take the beautiful creation called “Bruno”. I won’t go into directing or talent Baron Cohen — it was vulgar, sometimes cynical, sometimes unexpectedly, and vulgar. But the combination turned out strong. Let it more and social satire, but nonetheless funny, although not for all. About “Bruno”, we can say that this is disgusting and not funny. However, the “Mexican chair people” tell us the opposite is trolling, and pretty good. And yet, for some reason, comes the idea of the rollers with the eating of surstromming. Disgusting and cool at the same time! And the task of humor, paradoxically laugh.

But now back to the present and not thank the creators for the creation of this nekomedia. Here everything is mixed up: disgusting game, disgusting main character and the actor who wasn’t even trying; operation of various fashion images, gadgets, and other nonsense, designed, apparently, a 12-year-old American teenagers. And for all this Orgy is the desire of squeezing of light dough from naive people on Earth. In the beginning the Director gives the seed, playing on the interest of the audience, they say, look, what a rich idler, he had made himself. The problem is that with such qualities of character of the main so called hero could not have money even for ice cream. In General, rubbish.

Oh, and a little poetry. There are people who will not possess no humor, no talent comedian. They can be beautiful, intelligent, strong and brutal, but the humor — alas. Well, not their style. And when they try(!) to portray comedians or trying(!) joke, they feel ashamed and embarrassed. So with this film. He just discreditied sortirny humor in the public eye.)

Unfortunately, watch Comedy becomes dull.

Extremely mediocre.

1 of 10

New review: Why is it? 07.06.2017

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