New review: Wife vs Secretary 29.07.2016

Rather no than Yes.

Pros: Jimmy Stewart, the magic atmosphere of old Hollywood, this chic dress.

I don’t think any of these points require comments.

Move to the downside.

Jimmy Stewart cameo! Not what I expected by reading the synopsis. Clearly, the emphasis was on Clark gable, but it’s a shame that the second representative of the stronger sex, in this love square, so unconditionally surrender to the mercy of fate. And besides, will be henpecked. But the hat, coat and cigarette with him, and anyway he’s cute. So it’s good that he is in this film.

Clark Gable. Oddly enough. That is for me something surprising, I never understood where the list of cult. But, for example, in Gone with the wind” it was natural. In this film, he plays the plot-role sort of irrepressible evil Joker and it looks like he is drunk of power. Whether replays, whether the character be exaggerated. The impression this leaves, some falsehood and strain, especially for large plans.

On the other hand, I would not have been able to burn with enthusiasm, close with the girl who plays the notorious Secretary. Miss Harlow is not beautiful, neither by the standards of the 30s, nothing else. The actress looks like the girl from the farm, punchy, intelligent (in the context of the story), but hopelessly provincial. Maybe this is the reason why she, in spite of his selfless work for the good boss, it seems the hero’s cunning is trying to snag a rich sugar daddy. No matter the gable or not. The film tries to say one thing and get another. And it is the fault of the casting.

And the main disadvantage: questionable, from a moral and logical point of view the final. Read more can not, for the spoiler. Whether it is others, the story was at least instructive to call (in the spirit of” grasshopper dragonfly”) And feed-through romance, for lovers Clark gable. However, the actress who played his wife, was much more convincing.

New review: Wife vs Secretary 29.07.2016

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