New review: Wild flower 27.07.2017

Modest dramatic detective story from little known Director, who shot the picture “the faith of the king” and “the beauty trap”. New Premier not to find a large number of positive reviews, so I wasn’t expecting much from the film. Personally, I will scan it attracted only the actress who played the lead role. Spanish young star slowly and gently conquers Hollywood. I am sure that over time we will see her in the big premieres because Natalia Ramos can look great on the screen and submit the required message to the viewer.

So this time the actress had a difficult role of a young student is visited by a strange vision about the death of strangers to her girls. No one in the surroundings of the heroine didn’t believe her, considering her words for the ravings of a madman. Almost in desperation, for help, the girl comes a long-awaited friend. Together they begin to investigate a complex and intricate crime, absolutely without fear for the consequences of their actions.

Just want to note that the painting itself looks like a TV movie for home viewing. It is not hinted to us at the greater or difficult. The story is simple. Withdrawn standard. Experience usual. But still with all the visual gloom I loved acting. Nothing, of course, but authentically, truthfully and easily. Thanks to the actors, the film acquires a certain feature. This distinguishes it from many other paintings of similar format and style. Even if it is a disposable movie, but it’s a good, good quality and rich drama. The script is clear and detailed, revealing the characters in detail. Closer to the finale has a lot of tears and sad moments, so you should have patience. I am sure that the film is more like a female audience, but who knows.

Pleasant viewing.

6 out of 10

New review: Wild flower 27.07.2017

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