New review: will Power 28.07.2016

Could not agree more that in a recent issue of the racial issue raised by the filmmakers out of Hollywood more often. On this topic specifically films, in films where there is no place like this, anyway cut scenes or dialogues about the humiliation of African Americans.

But to use a legendary athlete, a great man, to again raise the issue of racial hatred is low. If Jesse Owens would remove a lot of movies, and everyone is tired of looking at his way to greatness, I can understand. And when most people don’t know who he is and may be going to this biopic to learn about him and get again the repetition of “12 years a slave” or “Django unchained”, but only in a more gentle mode.

I don’t mind, we need to give this topic some scenes, cues and frames, but as it showed and how much is too much. Just — why? Nothing new from all this I have not received. It was sufficient to give about 20 minutes for all this and all, but not Vice versa. Especially the scene when coach Owens pinned to the wall. It turns out, even the coach made a racist. It’s too much.

And about shooting, about the plot, about the actors — I can’t say anything against it. Stephen Hopkins was able to pick the perfect actors to convey the atmosphere of life and sports of the time. I like a man who knows about athletics firsthand, I learned a lot of new interesting things. The film looks at one breath.

Maybe I would like to see more sports in the film, because I am an athlete. But even if you just reduce the duration and to cut some superfluous scenes about racism, as is the case in the locker room with the football team, the film would have lost nothing.

And it seemed to me that the filmmakers decided to shoot a film about the oppression of African Americans and used the story of a great Olympian.

New review: will Power 28.07.2016

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