New review: Windy river 03.10.2017

It’s hard to review such movies. Although the “Windy river” refer to the whole spectrum of genres (action, Thriller, crime, mystery), but first and foremost it’s a drama. I will not write much, because, of course, seen must be perceived by each individual through the prism. In movies of this level there is no need to warn viewers from wasting time. Perhaps You will be disappointed, but maybe not. I missed “the River” through a long time felt a pleasant feeling in contact with a movie of excellent quality, although, again, have, of course, their own criteria. For me, the main movie is the moral content, it is possible in this film completely and not open and even limited the scope of a main genre and a plain scenario. In the present film, the authors managed to raise some eternal questions, maybe not at the peak of the main dramatic events that took place in the beginning of the tape.

Raised among those with whom we are compelled at times to face, it’s comfort to the grieving about the death of loved ones; the relation of fathers and children; parents are experiencing extremely tragic death of children; forgiveness, etc. the impression Is that the authors deliberately moved the event to the American reservation, thus emphasizing that these things are rarely spoken in society. This is actually disappearing themes from imposed values of the modern man. That is why the “Windy river” stands out for the better in a series of comedic, superhuman or mystical names of movie posters this year. Serious films, forcing the man to talk, now very little.

The film is beautiful. Actors, landscapes, animals, shooting, sound. Interesting dialogues. All looks and listens with interest. This is probably the first serious role for Jeremy Renner, who, it appears, is going to be serious. Beautiful women: the FBI woman (Elizabeth Olsen), to remind me of something Maria Sharapova and very beautiful ex-wife Wilma Cory (Julia Jones) and the girl that played Kelsey Asbill. Actually worth noting a cameo role John Bernal, who somehow managed to play almost in most successful films of the last two years (shot in the emptiness, Baby’s on the drive, Payback , etc.), not counting early works, well and the most good-natured and cute Indian Graham Greene.

The plot cons, in my opinion, is the denouement on the tower with a plausible outcome for Jane (Elizabeth Olsen) and literally symmetric solution of Measles in the massacre with the main villain. With his understanding and experience, these images give a simple retaliation in the genre of Indian cinema.

Recommend to watch.

9 out of 10

New review: Windy river 03.10.2017

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