New review: Witness for the prosecution 24.06.2017

Committed accidentally stumbled on this picture, I was surprised to find that it occupies a high place in the Top 250 best movies of IMDb. This fact prompted me immediately to see this tape. And now I understand the reason for the success of this wonderful movie.

Billy Wilder is one of the most famous and renowned Directors in the history of world cinema. Awarded seven Oscars, that speaks volumes. Every film had a high level of quality. This picture is based on the same play the Queen of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, which in itself promises a fascinating spectacle. Knowing the creativity of the great writer, it can be assumed that we are in for a surprise while watching this film. The intricacies of the plot, with unexpected twists and a shocking ending, will appeal to all lovers of detective stories.

A charming young man named Leonard Vole accused of murdering an elderly and very rich ladies. Most of the facts speaks about the guilt of the suspect. And to protect the Vole hires a true guru lawyers of the sir Wilfrid Robarts. In the course of the hearing open to the various circumstances of this unusual case. As they say here, everything is not as it seems at first glance.

This black and white picture made in the genre of courtroom drama. Classic detective mystery for the viewer. In this dilute solid portion of excellent humor. Than it resembles a theatrical production. The atmosphere of the film is made in such a way that draws the audience and keeps your attention until the very end. Voltage is achieved so that you begin to think that we have before us another work of the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock.

The level of acting is at the highest level. A great role for Charles Laughton in the image of smart, a grumpy lawyer, sharp tongue and excellent reputation masterfully untangle the hopeless cases. The final role in his career and life was played by Tyrone Power. He appears as the main suspect and his refined game makes a strong impression. Of course it is worth noting the brilliant women involved in this tape. Charming and beautiful Marlene Dietrich, in the role of wife of the suspect and the eccentric Elsa Lanchester, unbearable and annoying, the nurse, the nurse caring for the lawyer sir Wilfrid. All the actors are in harmony, emotionally, and subtly convey the characters of their heroes.

Witness the classic forensic detective, with a complex plot and a surprise ending. With incredible acting and beautifully conveyed atmosphere. Classic time-tested, and will be interesting to fans of the genre.

8 out of 10

New review: Witness for the prosecution 24.06.2017

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