New review: Wonder woman 03.10.2017

For a start I will say that the film absolutely did not expect and was very skeptical, as previous projects DCEU — Batman vs. Superman, and Suicide Squad was, to put it mildly, not very. Especially Squad. But seeing critical acclaim and decided to give a chance to this picture + everything else Wonder Woman was the starting point of that — if I will go to the Justice League or not. Well, probably will have to go.

The picture I liked, unlike his colleagues in the genre of MARVEL film “the First Avenger” 2011 release, looks fresh, cheerful and last but not least — beautiful. With an easy and unobtrusive narration. Moreover, this debut of one of the most important characters in the geek industry on the big screen. Came out quite well.


Effect rapid (It unfortunately was, in my humble opinion, well, very much. Even in scenes where they could do without him, he still was there).

Robin Wright (For her age abundant exercise and too revealing, which were Amazon, is not good. These flabby arms and open legs push).


– Gal gadot (Cute, lovely, beautiful woman that is a pleasure to watch. Gave it 100%, gave the character and mood of the heroine. Phys. training at the appropriate level. The role definitely fits her and now she will be associated with that character for a very long time).

– Chris pine (that was the hero thing. During the whole time his character was interesting to me, I watched him. In some ways, pine even beat his partner).


– David Thewlis (In General, his villain is even nothing. Ares in some moments of inspired, said sweet speech, possessed of a certain charisma, but. There’s always a but. For the same charisma and the epic scale of plays General zod (the hero of Michael Shannon in the film “man of Steel”).

In conclusion, we can say that Wonder woman Is a film that just could. On it nobody put, no one expected, and got here is such a surprise. Hats off to Director Patty Jenkins. She’s a virtuoso. Raised DCEU from his knees.

8 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 03.10.2017

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