New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

Wonder woman — comic hero

Well what can I say about this movie, it is amazing. This is the film that characterizes the hero, as super. And Yes, he’s not perfect, but it definitely should not miss. Personally I don’t like is two things:

1 – Not very well-crafted special effects and this is unfortunately visible.

2 – a new trend of AMD/deaths of characters. Due to the fact that the public likes these moments in Wolverine and Rogue, it does not mean that now they have to shove everywhere, we come for the positive, this film and with the guardians of the pirates, in my opinion is excessive…

Throughout the rest of the film is gorgeous. The soundtrack is great, acting is amazing (except for Ares, in my opinion the actor himself doesn’t fit this role, I personally, he is not perceived as the God of war), the Plot is normal, it should be understood that here he especially does not play a role as a film about superheroes, but he’s definitely better than guardians, pirates or king(particularly where it is not). And most importantly — humor, it here a lot and it is good.

New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

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