New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

We believed, hoped and finally got a decent film based on the DC universe. Before “the Dark knight” the painting is certainly very far, but the “Batman vs. Superman” she beat a lot.

Firstly it is worth noting the script. The plot of the film developed rather smoothly, without abrupt plot jumps and understandable for viewers not familiar with the Canon. It was not lengthy conversations, not remember that they made me bored while watching. Also pleasantly pleased with the humor.

Of the minuses can be noted as delivered, the last battle. But then the claims rather to the Director, not the writers. In the pathetic speech of Diana, I for some reason was funny. Although I can imagine this scene, with the same words, just words froze everything inside and not drenched in laughter.

Gal gadot also pleasantly surprised. When I was chosen for this role, I was terribly upset. Terribly thin actress does not jibe with the image of the Amazon. I also did not share the enthusiasm, after her appearance in “Batman vs. Superman”. Yes the screen was spectacular lady, but definitely not wonder woman. Her image was closer to the woman – cat. But in a solo film she looks much canonicae. Whether it is the merit of the actress and she was able to gain weight, or operator, choosing good angles, and in any case we got the Princess of the Amazons. About large angles and, needless to say, they looked great. And acting different, if somewhere they were not perfect, these moments are too small.

I would like to mention and the rest of the Amazons, all the girls looked powerful warriors. I would not meet them on the battlefield. Queen Hippolyta looks especially impressive, I would like to see more fight scenes with her participation.

In Chris pine no doubt about it, it’s his image and he looks great. It is a pity that now we won’t be seeing him in more significant roles at DC.

That’s what really upset me is David Thewlis, the villain from it came no. And given the fact that visual scenes with Ares I liked it.

I would also like to note how well beat the topic of feminism in film. This persona too closely associated with the feminist movement and to ignore it would be wrong. But the excess that could significantly deter a male audience, which would be critical for a film of this genre. And here one should applaud the creators, they were able to stand on the thin line between two evils.

I hope that the next movies will bypass much DC wonder woman because despite all the pros there is a lot to work on. But in any case, the film came out decent and I would definitely recommend it for viewing.

New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

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