New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

Something wrong is going on in superheroine in a movie recently. The MARVEL movies with varying degrees of success, manage to disappoint, delight the audience with his work, DC can not get comfortable in his path, trying to start with solo movies about powerful heroes and their crossovers. Quite strange began to laugh “game” “man of steel”, and very poorly, I would even say with a Bang, finished the work “Suicide Squad”. There was no hope left. To a hedgehog it was clear that it would be better to start with the “origin” about heroes. But now, in the DC heavy for an hour, it was the right choice.

The success was guaranteed though, because Diana Prince had only 15 minutes in “Batman vs. Superman” to evoke applause in the hall. But anyway, the residue after the previous blockbuster left, but the new brainchild of Detective Comics managed to restore its reputation.

The plot tells the story of Diana (Gal gadot), a girl whose fate was destined to become a great ruler. But the events unfolding outside the island Themyscira entail terrible consequences, which after the arrival of the pilot Steve Trevor (Chris pine), who told us about the war lasting many years, Diana decides to go with him into the heart of war to end it.

It would seem that the plot is simple. But here lies the unique highlight of the film. Myths, legends, gods, distant, unknown people worlds attract our attention. The beauty and naivety in contrast with the destructive force of the war put the picture on the right above their predecessors. At the same time, it is impossible not to sympathize with the characters who are so different, worlds trying to understand each other, become part of it. The naivety of Diana, her attitude to things around her so naive, so childish, if viewed from our standpoint, explains all with the help of stories and legends. But at the same time her bravery, courage don’t make it very much a child. In its relation to the world, to her world she makes us not just to empathize with her, and fall in love, though for a small period of time.

Can not praise the gorgeous visualsthat accompanied the film. On the one hand battles and dynamic action here is not so much, but personally I was amazed not so much battles, and the atmosphere of the military past. To recreate the very spirit of the times, that was about a hundred years ago, and so skillfully, artfully — above all praise.

But we cannot ignore what we come to superhero movies for action. He’s just gorgeous: detailed military battles are pleasing to the eye. On the one hand, as has been said, not much, but it is so harmonious with the main story that he does not strain, relaxes and at the same time annoying the viewer. The only thing that hurt my eyes by the countless use of slow mo, which at some points was out of place.

I want to mention a terrific cast, which although was not as stellar, but made their characters truly alive so much so that involuntarily fall in love with them. Also attended a great soundtrack, which could make the film more brutal, energetic, alive. After viewing the theme of Diana long revolved in my head.

Thus, the “Wonder woman” — a terrific, dynamic, sometimes touching, sometimes funny, and just worth the audience’s attention the film. This certainly don’t expect after watching its predecessors, adjusting myself for the worst. But Diana Prince is turned to raise the Studio to his feet and with new forces to continue the series about superheroes. Therefore, without the slightest twinge of conscience “Wonder woman” wins my already picky heart and their well-deserved

10 out of 10

PS the Only problem that haunts me still — DC really able to make their iconic villains are disposable and scatter them as “bosses” in each film? Not to quibble, but with the pace it is possible to “merge” all the standing that they have.

New review: Wonder woman 07.06.2017

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