New review: Wonder woman 08.06.2017

Recently went on a new film and DC has decided to give its subjective opinion. Film Wonder Woman is part of kynoselen DC,which once again is failing both with critics and audiences, but still collects the cash. For this movie I was hopeful, but it did not disappoint me, but not particularly impressed, and now more.

Film Wonder Woman tells a fantastic story about the daughter of the Queen of the Amazons, who live on a hidden island in isolation from the people. She is trying to become the best warrior and when it falls the plane with British spies, which tells the story of the First World war, and she decides to stop this war after killing Ares. The plot of the film is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is interesting, but the film sags in the middle and the spectacle becomes a lengthy and not very interesting. The script at first glance it looks good, unlike the Pirates, the questions do not float liters, but if you turn your head and understand what is happening, you’ll see that in the movie with a bunch of holes that aren’t even trying to explain. Also Princess Diana in the film have a weapon called the “Lasso of truth” and it would seem that in this unusual, but I didn’t like that his origin is not explained, but that’s my only niggle.

Acting and characters-the characters in the film I liked, Diana performed by Gal gadot played well, see the difference between an experienced warrior in the BTS and a young girl in this film. I liked her future lover and British spy, Steve Trevor, played by Chris pine. He simply stepped into the role, and the character was well revealed. The rest of the team that they pick out is not very interesting, but as a plus, each identified by a disclosure, and they turned out to be not such a dummy as in the First Avengers. But the villains limping Dr. Venom, General, and Ares remembered only his looks and nothing more, and revealed they were nothing.

The atmosphere and humor-but the atmosphere I do not like. A couple of shots showing the injured and all. Not felt this war, and destruction is a minus for me. But the film had some good humor, some jokes so all went to cheer.

Music-the music in the film is the most ordinary and unmemorable, almost all. Of course the music for the advent and Wonder Woman, just stunning. It was true in BTS, but this did not become worse.

The special effects and Action-that is the plan of the special effects are all fine, juicy picture, only the CGI was a little lame, and everything is fine, the budget of the movie is certainly not like the current Marvel movies,but still an impressive 149 000 000$. But the shooter I did not like, slow-mo of course was in place, but Diana had no problem in battle, her only worthy rival was Ares. And he appeared within 10 minutes of the film and quickly defeated him, just like Dr. Doom in the 2015 film. This action seemed to me not particularly interesting

In conclusion, I liked the movie and it was good, but I don’t understand such rave reviews, the film as a maximum of 2 times. Well, for DC it is an impressive result.

7.5 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 08.06.2017

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