New review: Wonder woman 10.06.2017

Originating in 2013 kinosalona based on DC comics makes me a very controversial impression, “man of steel” in General is impressed, a colorful antagonist, elegant action, not a bad origin of Superman, but because the script Goyer wrote this show out due to the strong directing Snyder, though his decision to apply a gray color scheme I didn’t like in the movies “the God of kinokamera” is always dominated by dark colors, but they are perfectly balanced with the richness of the visual line when the frame something explodes it is truly beautiful in “Man of steel” unfortunately, this is not, however, work is still decent, especially against the background of the mediocrity that wandered in that year among kinokontrol. “Batman vs. Superman” was even more controversial, a hodgepodge which gave “Warner” is essentially 3 movies in one, one Superman, one Batman, their opposition, throw in doomsday, Wonder woman, Lex Luthor, huge flashforward in the direction of “Injustice”, ridiculous cameo Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash, here the mixed “soup” turned out, of course a lot of disadvantages of such a skit, a pretty bad catalyst which was designed to pit “the greatest detective of the DC universe” and “son of Krypton”, the lack of a coherent motivation of the main villain, and the above “soup” of all that is possible is also a plus not called, the outcome of the conflict, I rather controversial moments include, as acting Jesse Eisenberg, but Batman came out just gorgeous, Affleck a perfect fit for the lead role, Alfred also pleased to be Wonder woman and do the entire 3rd act dragged, her first appearance in the armor straight up chills, the visuals this time without excessive dullness and trembling of the camera, came back rich comicsone picture which I was so looking forward the soundtrack reached a new level, the musical themes, Luthor and Wonder woman permanently entrenched in memory, in General in a while so contradictory kinokomiksa not go out, because the coveted billion this spectacle is not collected and the criticism was for the most part devastating, the producers hastily rushed to change the approach to the “Expanded universe DC”, came under the knife, “suicide Squad”, according to a quick dosnyal new scenes in order to dilute the original dark style of the film, it was already 7 versions! Happened to me as a mid-level Thriller, the Duo Deadshot-Harley Quinn is good, some action scenes successful Amanda Waller straight epic, but everything else resembles a cheap version of “the Avengers” and “Guardians of the galaxy”, the script was written in just a couple of weeks, so the General concept of the picture crude, unconvincing and tortured, the idea of “suicide Squad” perfect for a crazy gunman with a rating of R in the spirit of “the Kingsman”, was also a great down-to-earth cartoon about this team, “Assault on Arkham”, why reinvent the wheel? a finished concept already, but the greedy uncle of Warner-Bros needed an answer to competitors dazzle, judging by the collections scheme worked successfully. And here comes the least publicized of all 4 superhero blockbuster about the origin of a solo “Wonder woman”, the trailers were pretty ordinary and monotonous, the idea Ala “the First avenger” not to say that it was spectacular, and the solo films of superheroes did not have good examples, so much of the movie I did not expect, actually if not the best then certainly the most smooth and pleasant film “the Extended universe of DC”.

The centerpiece of the film is Gal gadot who once again embodies the image of “Wonder woman” on the big screen, if “Bps” she had a minor role which showed her only as an action of the character in his solo film it is revealed in the new, we uniformly showed the way Diana from the naive cute girly to militant seen a lot of the heroine to watch this degeneration is a pleasure, I do not tire of repeating “Diana turned out insanely cute, pleasant, and most importantly, interesting”, but when she wears her armor starts epic! I direct sense of euphoria engulfed when she scattered the Germans at the sound of Junkie XL, and most importantly that “Wonder woman” in this film is the perfect embodiment not only of feminism but adequate and the shared humanistic values, her faith in all the good that is in man direct is encouraging, Yes it is somewhat trite, but that is the essence of the character, this is what distinguishes the heroes of the DC characters from rival publishing house. Steve Trevor in the performance of Chris “Kirk” pine was made a good main character, funny situations which are generated by this Duo are very encouraging, humor funny, balanced and enjoyable, the direct the complete opposite of MCU movies,all conversations one of the main advantages of the picture. Action in moderation and he does not get bored, the final battle can scold very noticeable CGI, but that does not spoils the impression.

The antagonist was good, but nothing special in itself is not, and indeed the situation with the villain had something interesting to beat, and that’s pretty extraordinary message loses its potential and it all comes down to the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. “Wonder woman” in the end, still leaves only positive emotions, it is a good originaly solo, positive, a bit naive, but extremely pleasant and even what the lamp finally something about female comic book character came out really decent movie.


The logo DC is pleased, to it added a screensaver in the spirit of the opening theme to the wonderful multserialu about “justice League”.

New review: Wonder woman 10.06.2017

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