New review: Wonder woman 12.06.2017

1) the Two titular roles played out perfectly: Gal gadot irresistible as Diana, she is very beautiful, natural and incredibly charming; Chris pine is also remarkably embodied agent of British intelligence, the character came out quite charismatic, and the scenes Gadot and pine — one of the indisputable advantages of the pictures;

2) good plot and scenario: while browsing, I almost never miss, actions are developed interesting and dynamic;

3) cool action, and especially cool he becomes in connection with the following paragraph;

4) smart music, and the main theme, possibly the best superhero song last time;

5) decent graphics, but with its own flaws + brilliant visuals: Themyscira, and London, and the military entourage is endowed with a memorable and appropriate colors, color schemes;

6) what is the result? This is really the best film DC today, the main thing — the picture perfect balanced doses of humor, drama, action and other elements are presented in such a proportion that makes the movie so wonderful.

Of the minuses I note the slack in the graphics in some scenes, the “clumsy” use of minor characters, well the main complaint: the antagonists of the film. There are several, but they all turned out no: cardboard template (less is good only Doctor Poison), and the use of Ares in the end it turned out quite bad. As a consequence, a weak final total previously shown.

8 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 12.06.2017

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