New review: Wonder woman 12.06.2017

Heard plenty of accolades about this film from all the Internet. Went with the wife. Already for 5 minutes, during bedtime stories, you hear about these lines from the monologue — Amazon appeared to peace, and they got it. After 5 seconds — then Amazon began a revolt to get rid of slavery. My mind immediately thought — why rebel if on the planet the world? The film response was given. Well, by the way, these inconsistencies are throughout the duration. All the film I have is clearly associated with the first strip about Captain America, and Wonder woman managed from a number of schools the first Captain to suffer the type of drawn out beginning, weak action component, the lack of chemistry between the main characters, it added a bunch of their blunders:

Director hard we wanted to show how without wise women’s decisions and actions look pathetic and stupid representatives of the stronger sex, by the middle of the tape irreality incorporated in the film of ideas about the place of women in this world categorically interferes to empathize with someone.

The purpose of life of the Amazons? The motivation of mother heroine -the main Amazon? A whole layer of the world of the film simply crumpled and thrown away, he’s a role for the seed is done and can be free.

The Director could not apparently decide for children it relieves or adults constantly dialogues in the story start to go to adult themes suddenly and abruptly cut off a joke for eleven years. With murder, the horrors of war. The rating of the film constantly jumps from +5 to +16.

[Back to the notorious first film about Captain copied out whole chunks, slightly adapted for the local story — the scene with the plane, the story of the village, the relationship of the main characters, and the Wonder woman looks like Captain America with superhuman abilities(I haven’t read the comics, judging only on these tapes) a Feeling of deja vu did not leave me the entire session.

In the end — a film I’m disappointed, from tightened, it was removed the woman and her peculiar view of the place of the protagonist in the world of the paintings, ruining all the storylines, the characters cease to empathize, Fire-woman will save, if they themselves heroically decides to die the most stupid way, someone had to watch the first film about the Captain, and stay alive. Not interested in watching a movie where everything revolves around the main character and unnecessary konchaetsja and ejected without explanation.

6 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 12.06.2017

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