New review: Wonder woman 13.06.2017

Diana (Gal gadot) was born on the island Themyscira — a beautiful piece of land in the middle of the ocean. Her mother, the Queen of the Amazons Hippolytus (Connie Nielsen), tried to save her daughter from battles, wars and victims, because the main task of the Amazons is to maintain world peace and to resist Ares — God of war. A chance meeting Diana with a young scout Steve Trever (Chris pine), whose plane is wrecked near their island, keeps her from the dream world and makes you plunge in the hard times of the XX century, when war seized almost the whole world. Her unusual power makes people call her Wonder woman-and her-at any cost will have to justify their hopes and to overthrow the treacherous Ares.

The image created in 1941, was filmed repeatedly. “Wonder woman” Director Patty Jenkins is the best, in my opinion, the adaptation of comics to the big screen. The beginning of the story very thoroughly talks about becoming a superheroine. The main purpose of it was not so much to defeat the enemy, but also to raise the morale of tired soldiers. The love of people is her greatest weapon.

Gal gadot is the embodiment of beauty, grace and elegance. This is definitely her role. I liked the actress before but now she has gained even more charm. It is particularly interesting to observe the scene, where she trying to make London lady. Chris pine did a pretty good job with the role Steve Trever who is willing to do anything for his country and peace in the world. It is this desire and combines them with Diana. It was nice to see in a small role Robin Wright. Elena Anaya is well accustomed to the way Dr. Venom, which ruthlessly persecuted people in the war. David Thewlis is a good actor, which all know of the role of Professor Lupin in the films about Harry Potter, but as a God-villain Ares, I didn’t see it.

The film is full of special effects, constantly shooting, explosions, fights. I noted an interesting slomochn effects during fights Wonder woman. The music to the film deserves some praise, it’s powerful and fascinating, and the main theme and then sounded in my head. There is in the painting and touching moments, many of Diana’s speech about peace and justice can move many impressionable viewers, and scenes of military action, hardly someone will leave indifferent.

DC acquired in his piggy Bank another interesting character who got a now its history. Female super heroines else can beat Superman and Batman, in malice of all misogynists. Diana Prince, aka Wonder woman, an image that deserves praise, especially in this film.

P. S. now I’m Waiting for sequels and a “justice League”!

9 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 13.06.2017

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