New review: Wonder woman 14.06.2017

Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman) in their home country, it is also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira is a fictional superhero who appears in the DC Comics universe. First appeared in a comic called All Star Comics 8 (December 1941), the creators of the character are William Moulton Marston and Harry J. Peter.

This film I really liked. I used to with such a character as Wonder Woman was not familiar, only know that she’s an Amazon and is familiar with Batman and Superman.

The Actors /Characters. The cast looks very harmonious: Gal gadot, David Thewlis, Chris pine, Robin Wright and others. I like it when watching a movie, some story told by a Director, screenwriter, and the feeling that it was in fact that this is not a Mirage…

Gal gadot is for me a new actress, she introduced Diana, a brave and courageous Amazon, the defender of the oppressed, the supporter of goodness and light. Little Diana from childhood, seeing how the other girls were training, I was keen on battles, training. Hooked hero Chris pine. Steve Trevor is brave, he is willing to help people like Diana, his heart is sad. This is evident in his words when he says he doesn’t know what it’s like to live people. David Thewlis — sign only at the GP, and here he is in an unusual role, also attracted attention.

Locations: the Film begins with a truly divine beauty of the island, in the middle of the ocean, and when you see this, believe that it is a creation of Zeus. Is replaced by the dirty and crowded London, there is a straightforward idealism of the Amazon meets the reality of the military reality of the early twentieth century and bogged down in the intricacies of diplomatic intrigue. That caught the attention: here, some of the light rays, magic, a harsh war without embellishment: the killing of children and women, the trenches, the shells, the world has already become different, where power and ambition be above light feelings.

There were many memorable moments: then, as shown by the story of the gods, inhabitants of Olympus, growing up Diana, walk through the sea with Steve in the boat, they dance in a small village, still the film is not without humor and it pleases. This is a film about the most powerful super heroine, the woman, with his ideology (love, goodness, light, and not murder, fear, terror).

New review: Wonder woman 14.06.2017

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