New review: Wonder woman 14.06.2017

From the DC universe, not just all asked: released before the previous three films had different degree of quality — something turns out well, but something not very. However, the comic book franchise needs to continue, and next the film is a solo album of Diana Prince, better known as Wonder woman.

Throughout my childhood and youth she spent in alienated and hidden from human sight the island. Inspired by the desire to save people, she dreams of becoming an Amazon, that’s just his own mother and the Queen wants to fence his daughter from impending dangers. But one day one case forcing Diana to finally understand my calling and it still goes to war.

After “suicide Squad” which was, well, a lot of mistakes, blunders and nonsense, the new film about the Amazon looks fresh and very nice. Here of course has its flaws, but not so many of them. Instead of the whole skit characters — here a compact, clearly written history of one character. Visual style as the actual and past movies DC is awesome — there’s not prikopat, interesting and dark setting of the First World war, good action, good humor, albeit it was little — it is the dignity of the movie.

In the cons I would classify the final third act and the main villain. Well, probably a small claim — I do not see this movie in the DC cinematic universe, well, that is, there are few twists and turns and references to previous films. Have marvel for example believe that every film is a single story. Here this relationship is sewn with white thread. But in fairness — it is only the fourth film, and this relationship will continue to improve with each new ribbon. Well, maybe I’m just not a geek, but the average viewer and something missed or not understood. In any case, the film turned out to be extremely good for viewing as a summer blockbuster is required.

7 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 14.06.2017

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