New review: Wonder woman 18.06.2017

Not being a great fan of comics and movies based on him, at the night session of the small list of movies I chose “Wonder woman”.

In my childhood there were many series of super-heroes, but Wonder Woman caught me just in the justice League, which really can not remember at this moment. The film I went without any preparation in the form of a story character, read at least one volume of the comics or viewing videos associated with it.

Before us is a typical representative of the comic book movie. A vivid, emotional film. Everything here is colorful, black and white, evil and good, there is nobility and meanness, hatred and love. You look beautiful tale in which you are immersed for two hours.

Yes, we have comic book movie. Rather flat characters, completely empty the villains, a happy ending with bitterness and lots of pathos. Although what I am. I’m on the tale came, not drama.

It’s the old tale of the demigod who came down from heaven and gave people hope. This is the tale of the Snake poison people with his darkness.

Wonder Woman does not claim to be some of the ideal movie, plot and all component. But meanwhile the movie is worth the money, worth to spend two hours.

Pure and sincere Diana is remembered for its excessive naivete (sleeping on education) and courage. Gal gadot could not be well-suited for this role. For some reason, the afterburner of the character I can’t remember, but the role of Wonder woman will clearly remain in my memory. And, perhaps, here to say thank you to the operator and to the Director of fighting scenes including. Thanks to them and to remember Diana in all its glory.

Brave and too blunt for his profession, Steve Trevor, performed by Chris pine, is a good pair of Diana. But I think pine’s character gave a little less effort and time than I could. Yes, it is interesting, memorable, but still something is lacking.

Meanwhile, I would like to highlight Charlie (Ewan Bremner), the Boss (Eugene “Brave stone”) and Samir (said, Jovanotti). This trio took their place until the end of the film. Trio is the best dilutes Steve and Diana. Humor, feelings, stories.

In the end we have a story. There are gods, men, great weapons, lots of feelings and everything else that is inherent in the tales. Tale a more adult and pop-cornova than thoughtful and instructive. But still the tale. It will not find a gloomy Gotham or metropolis sun. In it dwells the magic.

The film is recommended for viewing. The time spent is not wasted. Colorful, dynamic, interesting.

8 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 18.06.2017

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