New review: Wonder woman 23.06.2017

The first feature film about a Woman Super hero is what got me to watch it. And this is a good start for the conquest of the superhero universe, but everything in detail.

Let’s start with the cast. The main heroine — Wonder woman, Diana and her brilliantly embodied the actress of Israeli origin is Gal gadot. Well no complaints here, one rapture. The admiration of her acting, transformation into the image of a strong and beautiful Amazons, the transfer of its main features, nature and desires. I was not familiar with the work of the actress, but after this film will not be without interest to watch him.

The main villain of the movie — God of war — Ares, a character first, a little inconspicuous and unremarkable, but that’s the plan, so the only plus. His sudden appearance at the end of the film, created the necessary excitement and tension of the viewer’s attention. The actor is also no complaints.

And of course the love line, where the same without her. Spy Steve Trevor in the performance of Chris pine, the movie added a slice of girlish tears. The actor played quite significantly, although at first I wasn’t particularly impressed.

Now the plot. The mystery of the origin of Diana, in my opinion, was not a mystery, but the obvious conclusion. From the first minutes of the appearance of Steve on the island of the Amazons was clear why he is in this picture, namely to be a pair of Wonder woman in the fight for justice. It is a romantic touch as predictable as the outcome with the spy at the end of the film, but more on that later.

The conviction of a Wonder woman that the war will end the murder of Ares, motivates her throughout the film. We are not bored dynamic scenes of fights and clashes. First, our attention is focused on one seemingly obvious villain, but then the denouement convinces us otherwise.

And there’s the end scene is filled with action, explosions, quick change frame, which in General is typical of this kind of movies. The main tragedy, as I said, it’s quite predictable, but no less sad, oddly enough.

Video editing and all the effects were quite realistic and match what is happening, but this in modern movies is no problem.

In General, this film left a good impression, telling the story of a Wonder woman who fought for justice and saw some meaning in it. This story inspires, it opens a new door to the woman who is worthy can take its place among the existing super heroes.

7 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 23.06.2017

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