New review: Wonder woman 27.06.2017

After the controversial “Batman Vs. Superman” and “Suicide Squad” some critics and the audience buried cinematic universe of DC. And here we are waiting for “Wonder Woman”. I was sure that it will happen as the aforementioned films, well, maybe a bit better. I was surprised when the picture turned out better not drop, and on the whole head.

So why is “Wonder Woman” drags kynoselen DC? Yes, because here there is no being in Marvel. Some clichés from the genre of superheroine certainly was, but the overall story is very entertaining. In “Wonder Woman” is perfectly balanced drama, pathos and jokes, because the movie looks great. The atmosphere of the First World War transferred as well as possible, for that huge and fat plus. Gal gadot perfectly fit into the role of Wonder Woman. Her Diana Prince was fighting, strong and generally very interesting character. Comrade Diana, Steve Trevor, performed by Chris pine I liked very much. He happened to be not characterless and colorful character. Who really disappointed, because this the main villains. They were too clichéd and without any motivation.

In terms of visual effects, no complaints. The action is not tight and high quality. The music just gives you shivers. There are certainly very illogical moments (who watched will understand).

In the end, the picture of Patty Jenkins came out very successful, with flaws of course, but so far it’s the best film of kynoselen DC in my opinion.

8 out of 10

New review: Wonder woman 27.06.2017

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