New review: X-Men: Apocalypse 29.09.2017

Some characters have too big ambitions and a negligible potential. We live in an age of zero potential, when art became a trademark when fashionable badge is worth more laborious work. We consume without measure, to indulge without a shadow of a doubt. And these characters are made especially for us.

Epic name, as usual, no sign of a gram quality. Inviting to the cinema, collected the favorites of young girls McAvoy, Fassbender and freshly baked Peters with his colorful role of local Flash. Cope, by the way, he’s the only one.

If released years before Thor 2 came up with a radically new manner to make a movie, good sadiras to the level of a galactic catastrophe, here again we see the same directing that copies itself. Faceless beginning level of second-class fighters, and then on the thumb review “first class”, which is almost a pejorative, although I must confess I was somewhat better Apocalypse.

Half the book is forgotten in the course of viewing. Had to string up to remember who is the originator of local Columbine, at that time as Days of future past leave a clear and distinctive mark in the memory. The second half is just painted clown.

McAvoy, who made a kind of inadequate acting, revealed in all its glory. Every phrase, regardless of emotional potesta, accompanied by a totally inappropriate grin, “watch it! I play in a big-budget movie!”, although to call the game his antics — flirting on my part. The grin becomes quite awkward and harder when he still oblivaetsya unsheathed, considering it some sort of feat. To watch that on the screen — not a pleasant feeling.

Fassbender, as usual, trying to play our role, not the first, and accustomed, it seems, understands that it is only a decoration. Therefore also did not bother, except for a rather amusing scene in the woods. He is perhaps the only actor who gives at least a drop of common dramaturgy to restart the series.

The other characters simply do not want to remember, and Mystic already bored just can’t see every movie in a row. By the way, to remember themselves, and nothing over 2 hours of screen time, there is nothing significant that could really engage and make some sense of logic and captured in the circus.

Cameo Jackman finishes us what we already saw, thanks. Fortunately, the audience’s favorite, Peters still made light of the diversity in the routine than in the middle of the film still asks us to sit through it. Drama, by the way, which was to turn in later I felt, again, never.

A separate item will be noted, the key issue is the villain performed by Oscar Isaac. EN-Sabah-Nur is not here. Neither the movie nor the actor. Isaac will be easier without makeup and computer processing to play the silver surfer than the Apocalypse. And will look more convincing.

Character, as everything merges into the toilet. Instead of a walking nightmare, able to break the earth, indestructible, brilliant, and endlessly ambitious mutant, we throw strange craft resembling in its importance Abu the monkey from Aladdin, but without the inherent charm of the macaque.

He is not motivated, does not cause any emotion, terribly drawn and simply insignificant. As punishment for the implementation of it, which is ironic, wins a bunch of schoolchildren and a grinning bald paraplegic. A fitting end to the epic and draining of one of the most anticipated opponents of the X-men.

Worst of all, X-Men — this comic strip series touched very important issues and affecting not the mindset of entire generations. This is a series where theoretical science are covered in a clear light for the most part, infinitely attractive and pretty heavy series, able to tell the generations about what awaits them, that sometimes the future is changed.

It’s just good camera work — one point, and Peters with Fassbender half points. Superhero movie 80-ies of the looks with Anthony stark as a Ghost looks much more interesting and convincing with its treacherous shifting of traffic lights than the proverbial Apocalypse.

Brilliant solution, emphasizing the level of the film, attention, handwritten elimination of nuclear weapons the main villain that can destroy the world to destroy the world.

Hello, scenario, why have not you written?

2 out of 10

New review: X-Men: Apocalypse 29.09.2017

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