New review: X-Men: Apocalypse 31.07.2016

Of the many idiotic movies based on comic book (brrr, that in itself should be an oxymoron — to remove the comic book movies), I nevertheless, it is allocated a series of films about “X-Men”. Don’t know, maybe I’m just getting old and starting to feel nostalgic for the movies of his youth… anyway, this “setting” has always impressed me.

This particular piece really turned out quite smoothly, which was a great surprise after the two previous terrible and sour belts. Everyone here has great special effects, lots of familiar characters, the storyline, which the writers expertly weave in the temporal fabric of the entire series of films, spectacular battles and a little bit of drama. Wonder filed the stories of several characters who later (more precisely, in the previous films) will play a key role in the history of mutants.

Of the minuses I would point to the lack of credibility of the main antagonist. His motives are not entirely clear to those who are not interested in the history of the character in the comics. Actions it is also not quite logical. However, the simultaneous launch of all nukes into space was quite spectacular, though not an original admission to the cinema. In General, does not cause the EN Sabah Nur of some strong emotion, neither sympathy, nor pity nor contempt nor hatred.

Another disadvantage is the design of the costumes — again, leather and latex bodysuits, stockings, pants that tight. Oh, yeah, and the iron wings of one of the henchmen of the Apocalypse looked well, so childish.

Finally, the biggest disadvantage is in the form of buns, which is the face of Jennifer Lawrence! Yeah, throw me in Slippers, but every time when the Mystic takes its natural (blue flake) form, a silent tear running down the cheek. How can you trade the incredible grace and sexuality of Mystic performed by Rebecca Romaine on a round loaf blue?!

7 out of 10

New review: X-Men: Apocalypse 31.07.2016

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