New review: Young revolutionary Utena 17.06.2017

Another “masterpiece anime” from the 90s. Bears the stamp of this decade is intolerable, the patient series of Ikuhara who loves his reflection to turn a stream of characters and the absurd. And so, I don’t know where it ends and symbolism begins tomfoolery — CPLP provokes good.

In many respects it is similar to Evangelion, but from the magical girl. Utena and Shinji really great Japanese animation characters from the point of view of the perfection and completeness of his images, but the history that they are happening… Shinji was going through the Oedipus complex, on onaniruya lapsed into a coma slutty girlfriend. Utena discourages suicide set “Bride-rose” aggressive students of the Academy — each of them thinks will close the hole in my heart, if he wins the duel and kill Anfi (the Bride). Lesbian, gay, gray mouse, Cinderella all you want, but is their only life. But all the more dangerous the Prince who once saved our heroine from despair, and now raping his sister.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena encyclopedia of rape, journal entries with the hot line of suicide. While on a third it is filled with goofy series in the spirit of Ranny, but for some reason not funny (almost all series with NAS), a third unbearable the life of a young girl with all the consequences (arr, fucking kids) and has only a few human episodes.

Offset of the masterpiece is a cry of the soul of the author, the flow of pain for the weaker sex. Starting with the beautiful tale of a noble girl who decides to become a Prince and protect the weak, Ikuhara sends his Princess to lose their virginity in the Motel staring at the ceiling in this important moment of my life, she is going to invent a recipe for dinner from leftovers in the fridge. Sensei is very fond of wearing beautiful dress, braid her hair to get it for them and Bang your face against the wall until blood. Who will want to Supplement this kind of performances, go to Penguin drum — try to consider there are allusions to the sarin attack in Tokyo. Or to break through the Lily storm , with its bloodthirsty bear. I’m paying tribute, I will try all three series to forget as a bad dream.

PS Though who is this Hanno to judge the Creator, which to this day give money to such series. And who is so loved gaidzinski critics and ordinary fans of anime.

New review: Young revolutionary Utena 17.06.2017

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