New review: Young Victoria 27.07.2017

Historical and biographical drama has always demanded a lot of energy from their creators. Judge for yourself: it is necessary to find a suitable entourage, balanced and carefully crafted aesthetics that corresponds to the current epoch, which therefore fell on the shoulders not only of consultants-historians, but also crew members, proceedings which are often outside the audience’s attention and is accepted as something in itself evident, that is, make-up artists, hairdressers, costume designers, decorators. Here it is to those films should include historical and biographical melodrama “the Young Victoria”, shot by canadian Director Jean-Marc Vallee.

In fact, to “the Young Victoria” by Jean-Marc vallée had only one important Director’s work — the painting “the Brothers C. R. A. Z. Y.” (2005), but “the Young Victoria” was a challenge for him, because the audience, and critics will demand bezposredniego movie and all this is because of the above reasons: the creation of the film tedious, but if there is at least one noticeable mistake, the audience will quickly notice. And I must give credit to Jean-Marc Vallee, who managed to cope with the challenge. And let the “Young Victoria” was not successful in the box office ($27.5 million of charges against 35 spent on the production), but the film received several important awards, including the Oscar for best costume design (plus virgins nomination for best makeup and best scenery).

A little about the plot, and then talk about the characters in the strip and the actors who played them, I will try to Express their emotions, but some interesting historical moments will tell. So, “the Young Victoria”, which can already imply by the title, covers the younger years of the British Queen. Born Alexandrina Victoria (after the adoption of the monarchical title was refused first name) grew up under the strict supervision of the mother of a German mother and a Welsh Secretary of structural separate unit of the family of sir John Conroy, who, according to contemporaries, not only did business, but also shared the bed of the widowed mother of the future Queen, and in addition abused public money. Shortly after 18th birthday Victoria learned that her uncle, hitherto reigned, died, and other direct heirs he had, so that’s how Victoria became Queen. This is just a small insight into the historical background of the film “the Young Victoria”, but if the topic interests you, then it will be possible to see a lot more interesting.

Go to the characters and actors. The role Victoria played Emily blunt, which is now in great favor in Hollywood. Honestly, in great awe of her game, I left, but, nevertheless, blunt has confidently coped with the task, for which he was nominated for a Golden globe. The role of her future husband — Prince albert — went to Rupert Friend, who left a positive mark on their work. By the way, this is the Prince albert had an interesting ritual: to decorate the Christmas tree, you know that? Here I am a little poorly said about those individuals who, in theory, the main are in the film, but only due to the fact that the storyline associated with mother Victoria and her assistant (lover?) I was interested in more. There was a very strained relationship, mother and Conroy in this strict upbringing kept future Queen that the present juvenile on only clutched at his head! And the interest in this storyline has been achieved through the game by Mark strong and Miranda Richardson, who perfectly embodied the characters given to them. The Queen’s mother reproached relationship Conroe, but Victoria herself then gave rise to rumors when, after the death of her husband became suspicious close with a Scottish servant John brown, for which she was nicknamed “Mrs. brown” (this is the same film with Judi Dench in the title role). I also liked Paul Bettany in the image approximate the Advisor Victoria William lamb, Viscount Melbourne. Evil tongues were whispered about the likes of the Queen and Viscount, but rather, they were caused by Platonic and friendship and shared political views. And by the way, in honor of William lamb named as a famous Australian city.

In General, here such here interesting for some viewers ‘ cohort in the film. Historical, ohvatyvayuschih some facts, biographical, tells of a Queen who was loved by the people despite several attempts on her life, a well-staged film from the point of view of aesthetics and the transfer of the realities of the era. Personally, I have a picture of special delight has not caused, unlike, say, “Elizabeth,” but I admit “the Young Victoria” is a good film with good actors, well played and good production (in the future, the film’s Director Jean-Marc Vallee will remove the “Dallas buyers club”, by the way). Think hour 40 minutes to give “the Young Victoria”.

7 out of 10

New review: Young Victoria 27.07.2017

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